Videogame Adventuring: Too Long to be Competitive?

For many gamers, there is nothing better than returning home prepared to embark on a new quest in a strange land full of mystery and intrigue. However, while gamers are certainly accustomed to slow starts, lengthy journeys and the necessity to grind through levels, there are many consumers who aren’t willing to invest in the region of twenty-forty hours into a videogame, no matter how compelling its content may eventually become.

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Winning2765d ago

I love spending hundreds of hours roaming around a huge world.

MagicAccent2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )


"There are many consumers who aren’t willing to invest in the region of twenty-forty hours into a videogame"

That the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
Screw them, if you want to finish something in one sitting, go watch a movie instead.

jazzking20012765d ago

sry but i dont agree with the subject of the game
i like playing LONG GAMES = more bang for your money
if you dont like long times, dont play them

Kee2765d ago

I like long RPGs, but I don't think any other genre of game should be long because they're made to be easily completeable by more "softcore gamers", if you like, that don't invest so much time in games.

I also think value for money is a big deal. It's true that I might enjoy a 10 hour Uncharted game because it is a great experience but I'll play a Pokemon game for 100+ hours because it is so deep.
I'm not slating shorter games, but if you're on a budget, which one keeps you amused for longer?

Baka-akaB2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Catering to that kind of whim has been the biggest mistake in this generation of games .

It benefits no one but the publishers .

Any long game can be enjoyed in small dosages , and if someone doesnt care enough to finish , he probably wont be annoyed and probably moved on already to something else .

With the purchase still made either way , and satisfying fans of long games .

I've yet to encounter people turned off by long games to the point they refuse to buy them , while a short one definitively turned a few away

jim2wheels2765d ago

I love long games - currently 27 hours into ME2 - but I do find I will never go back to a game half done that I have left for a while. I never remember all the moves and tricks that you need to progress when your well into the campaign.

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