Wired Review: Pilotwings Resort for 3DS Runs Out of Fuel Fast

Pilotwings Resort’s main drawback is that there’s not much to the game. It doesn’t take very long to plow through its challenges. Besides trying for increasingly higher scores, there’s little to do once you’ve finished the limited number of scenarios. Online races or even leaderboards would have added some stickiness, but the game doesn’t offer these options. (In particular, adding leaderboards would have required a trivial amount of work.)

If Nintendo is serious about proving that its polished portable releases smoke competitors’ cut-rate downloadable titles, the company should concentrate on producing games that last longer than a few hours.

WIRED Addictive, just-one-more-try flight gameplay. Lots of variation in the levels. Smooth controls.

TIRED Single-player only. No online mode. Few features and a short experience.

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