Report: 55% of 360 users download games

55 per cent of all Xbox 360 users bought at least one downloadable game last year, up from 43 per cent in 2009, according to new research.

As reported by, data compiled by market research firm EEDAR claims that compares with 50 per cent of PlayStation 3 users (up from 42 per cent in 2009) and 43 per cent of Wii users (up from 37 per cent).

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LOGICWINS2765d ago

Go to see that 360 and PS3 owners are supporting indie devs.

DelbertGrady2765d ago

It doesn't say anything about indie devs.

LOGICWINS2765d ago

Most indie devs make downloadable games...hence the more downloable games that are bought, the greater the chance indie devs are benefiting.

Dread2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

perhaps but you are just speculating.

Regardless, it does make sense that more people downloading games should also have a trickle effect that benefits the indie market.

whitesoxfalife2765d ago

i buy from da market place a lot whether its an arcade an old xbox game or a 360 game and for that matter i buys avatar toys and clothes as well just sayn on my ps3 account i bought a bowling gme but that will change once i sign up for da plus account on psn

Raven_Nomad2765d ago

I only Digital Download Arcade titles and Indie games off XBL, I never buy Games on demand, I always want the physical copy for real games.

guigsy2765d ago

Games on demand would be way more appealing if they weren't priced higher than their boxed retail counterparts.

Johnny Jiron2765d ago

I tend to only buy full games when I come across ways to obtain MSPs for free (legally) or as a gift, which I essentially just tell myself is a discount.

Otherwise yeah the prices are a bit to high still. They have to be saving some bit of cash with no middle man or all that other stuff that goes into mass producing a disk. Granted they have to maintain the servers, but I'd think that would be offset by Live Subscribers and still cheaper than full production. Maybe Im wrong tho.

Corrwin2765d ago

I would buy more from PSN if 3rd party publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Activision took their head out of their asses and realise it makes no sense selling a 2 year old game for £30.

The more companies appreciate the ease and value of digital distribution, the more custom they'll get. It's a simple equation, but one that seems above the heads of multi-million dollar marketing and accounting departments.

dkgshiz2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Downloading games from home is just another excuse never to leave your house. Thats what society likes. The comfort of never having to go outside into that big scary world. Sit inside all day and never leave your home. Then in the future you can be proud of having social skills of a mole rat.

guigsy2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Or it's a space to release small-scale games with low budgets which otherwise wouldn't be able to compete in the marketplace.

dkgshiz2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yea, small PSN games are fine to download. Everything else is just a head scratcher for me. Why would someone want to get Infamous from PSN when they can just go to the store and get the physical copy? Either way society loves to have the convenience of never leaving their homes. You have Netflix, Direct tv now has its own streaming type service, blockbuster has its own form of streaming as well. There is also talks of some movie publishers that are going to deliver their movies that are only in theaters to Direct tv pay per view on the same exact day it comes to theaters. Just another way to never leave the home...yet again. I live next to a guy who has a refrigerator that is hooked up to the internet. Its got a food delivery service on it were all you do is browse around for the food you want and then the delivery truck comes. It will be funny to see people 50 years from now. 60% of them will be out in about on the side walk giving you very awkward looks if you asked "So..nice weather we've been having" They probably will look at you like you were insane just for trying to make small talk.

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