NVIDIA's next flagship graphics card to be unveiled at 9AM on Thursday, bring your own popcorn

In NVIDIA's own words, this Thursday will bring us the company's "next generation, highest performance graphics card." If that has you thinking GeForce GTX 590, you're not alone. The dual-GPU solution was expected to arrive at the PAX East get-together this month but seemed to shyly dodge the limelight, though now there's no escaping its date with destiny. Just make sure to be up nice and early tomorrow, say around 9AM US Eastern Time, for the inevitable barrage of reviews. An unsatisfyingly brief teaser video, featuring Crysis 2 slyly running in the background, can be found after the break.

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imvix2766d ago

"An unsatisfyingly brief teaser video, featuring Crysis 2 slyly running in the background"

Nothing to brag about the game gets maxed out buy a GTX 460. It runs in DX9 for crying out load. Who in their right mind would upgrade for this game lol.

ATiElite2766d ago

Crysis 2 is no longer the poster child for Enthusiast PC gaming. That title went to Metro 2033 many months ago.

Crytek sold out for console cash and Crysis 2 PC is crap. it looks ok but it's only DX9 and lacks dx10/dx11 features.

was hoping to see 590 GTX benchmarks at midnight and more importantly the price tag.

Software_Lover2766d ago

The direct x 11 patch is coming very soon

imvix2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


Agreed Metro 2033 took that award. However Nvidia is using Crysis 2 in their adverts and in that video to show of their next high end GPU. My point was a GTX 590 is unneeded for the game. Most people play at 1080p, their might be a small % which users 2560*1600 and even small base that actually uses multi screen for their gaming, @ 1080p any midrange card plays the game maxed out. My point AMD & Nvidia should talk to the devs before convincing us to buy their next hardware.

Unfortunately for Nvidia and AMD there currently isnt much coming out that they can use to highlight their high end hardware. 3-4yrs back when Crysis 1 released any hardware they showed us it actually made sense, since anything you threw at Crysis 1 got chewed to bits.

Take alook at the popular websites like or Anandtech, unless they dont run the current midrange GPUs at some insane resolution like 2560*1600 or multiscreen res like 5760*1080. Midrange hardware blasts threw anything thrown at it, including the once mighty Crysis.

joydestroy2766d ago

yep, out of all the games i have, Metro 2033 is the one that makes my setup sweat the most. this isn't exactly a bad thing, either, because that game looks amazing maxed out

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Software_Lover2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Nothing wrong with the game being maxed out on a GTX 460. Just shows that they put a lot of optimization in the engine. Plus its only averaging about 30fps at 1920x1200 on that card. Not 60fps.

Now had the game pushed 10fps on the gtx 460 people would've screamed that the engine is still not optimized.

I would be happy is Microsoft's next console be a one config pc with a gtx 460 video card. 2gb general purpose ram and 1gb video ram. 1tb HDD standard and an empty slot to add any other. Then lets see what devs will do with the system.


Well I have Shogun 2 and that game has no AA whatsoever, and I know the consoles had nothing to do with that. The thing about Crysis, I have the game, is that yes you could go where you wanted to go on the island, but for the most part the game was boring. Not all of the game. But most of what I did was cloak through the woods. The game didn't get exciting till late. And I think they just wanted to make a game where they could catch a bigger audience.

imvix2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

"Just shows that they put a lot of optimization in the engine."

If it was as open world as the first 1 and had better graphics i would buy the optimization argument. However dumping stuff down for it to work on lesser hardware maxed out does not = optimization. You cant even select MSAA in the game as it stands. By default the game has Blurry AA method, what sort of optimization is that?

NYC_Gamer2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Crytek,has lost the crown in my opinion.the next Metro game will push the hardware limit even more than the first one.

NYC_Gamer2766d ago

a lot of people on sites say its slower than the 6990.

fossilfern2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

yeah iv heard the them reports. Embarrassing for Nvidia if its true, especially if they have spent 2 years on it and release a video claiming its their fasted card

ATiElite2766d ago

2 Gf110 w/ 512 cuda cores
620mhz clock speed
3640 memory speed
3gb GDDR5 ram
2 x 384 bit interface
$700 price tag
should overclock like a beast but it will need a ton of Power.

yes many have said that the HD 6990 will be faster and seeing how a $1000 580 GTX SLi set-up beats a $700 HD 6990 buy only 2 to 5% in most games, a slower clock speed GF110 may be slower than a HD 6990.

I can't see a 590GTX beating a 580GTX sLi set-up and at a cheaper price. but will have to wait and see!!

gillri2766d ago

do any developers even make games for this hardware?

they are mostly still on the 7800GT and 1900XT

this is only for 3D users like myself

im-12-years-old2766d ago

Im not sure you know how graphics cards work..

Substance1012766d ago


You forgot the multiscreen users.

dbbd13882766d ago

Will this make other graphics card prices go down?

Xristo2766d ago

I hope so...i want to get another eVGA GTX 580 for SLI :)

But from what I've read...rumors of course...the 590 will be limited in production so I don't expect price drops on other cards, especially the 580 :(

Software_Lover2766d ago

Im just gonna get another GTX 460 (evga) and call it a day for a while. I skipped over the 200 series and went with the 460 from a 9800gx2. I'll probably skip the 5 series.

bumnut2766d ago

I have a 570 but need another one for when battlefield 3 comes out, not had a Geforce card since my old Geforce 4!

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