Tips and tweaks to upgrade your laptop for gaming

Time then to lift the lid on your laptop and delve into its inner sanctum. The juicy technology sandwiched between its chassis is simply ripe for tinkering, and while manufacturers say you shouldn't, we're going to look at how opening up the case can reap rich performance rewards.

Figures show that we've all been buying more laptops than desktops over the last few years and it's predicted that desktop sales will remain flat while laptop sales continue to post double-digit increases. In other words, we'll all be buying laptops while upgrading the one main desktop at home.

So it's time we took a close look at how you can overhaul and game on a tired old laptop.

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SactoGamer2768d ago

Wish I knew of a way to overclock my onboard GPU, though I probably wouldn't want to do that because it's likely to fry my entire motherboard.