Best Buy: 48% think 3D is too expensive, But 70% like the technology

Best Buy has been looking into the UK's perception of 3D ahead of the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, and has found a mixed response to what Britain knows and thinks about the technology.

Out of the 2,000 people surveyed, Best Buy found that 48 per cent still think that the technology is too expensive, but at least 70 per cent have had experience with the technology and enjoy using it.

Most of this experience is not in the home, however, with less than one in five (16 per cent) having watched 3D on a TV at home or at someone else's house.

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snaz272767d ago

too expensive? Wtf i just don't get this argument! I'm actually shocked at how cheap it is! I was thinking it would be multiple thousands! You can get a decent size tv, 50", for about 8 or 9 hundred... And check this! You can get a 120" 3d projector for 750 notes, that only has one set of glasses though... But hey fuck everyone else :-) they'll just have to get their own or get sick! Lmao.

qface642767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

you can get a LED or LCD TV for MUCH cheaper than 3D TV's so yes they are too expensive compared to everything else on the market

if everything available on TV supported 3D i would see price as less of a big deal but as things are now very few things actually support 3D

Baka-akaB2767d ago

depends of the quality range of the products .

If you are talking the cheap low end tvs between 150-600 $ then yes , you wont easily find an equivalent .

But once you go in the 1000 range you'll find 3d equivalent usually 200-300 more expensive .

Army_of_Darkness2767d ago

I find 3dtv's much cheaper than when projection tvs were first released.. Hell! I could get a very nice 50" sony 3dtv with surround sound for the price of a projection tv i bought back then!

CrazyForGames2767d ago

i can get a 40" LED for MUCH cheaper than a 40" 3DTV

why would i currently wanna pay more for a 3DTV?

DragonWarrior2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

yeah but wheres the argument when 60 hrz 42 inch lcd's were 2000 dollars? Oh thats right it was fine then cause 3-D wasn't out yet. Shit go to rentacenter and they still sell them for that price. Oh and the old LCDs that didn't sell years ago at bestbuy are still going for that price too. Go and look for yourself. 3-D tv's are actually cheaper than 80 percent of the in store stock.

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snaz272767d ago

but your thinking is flawed... You see this is new tech, well for tvs anyway, i know it's been available on pc for some time... Anyway, how much were hd tvs when they first came out? How much was a blu ray player? A dvd etc etc... I remember dvd players were like 400 quid! Now you can get one for 20! So it would be like saying blu ray is pointless cos dvd is so cheap... It's cheap cos it's old hat, and people Want the new thing! It's called progression, i was expecting 3d to be the same but it's not! The difference between normal hd tvs and 3d hd tvs is not big at all... Maybe 100 quid at the most... So i think that is more than fair considering its a new product! And like i said you can get projectors dead cheap too! I could find a set up that's even cheaper than 750... As for content i really don't see what you're on about, there is a ton of content out there now, even tv broadcasters are adding 3d channels... And i mean it would be stupid to have EVERYTHING in 3d cos you would soon have a big headache lol... All it's down to is adoption, some people will run out and get the latest thing some will wait till their tvs die, but they will upgrade eventually, you know anyone with a vhs? Lol but people back then complained about dvd price, lack of content, all the same shit people complain about everytime a new thing is released... But come on man content takes time to increase, but already there are plenty of games and movies to tide you over till more is released. Give it a bloody chance.

qface642767d ago

the difference in HD and blu ray though is that even though it was new tech and it was expensive at the time even when it was brand spanking new it had support the content was there from the start and it only went up from there
the same can't be said here

3D it self as it is now has very little to no support at all from allot of the entertainment players

at the current prices for 3D TV's with the amount of support they have YES 3D tv's are too expensive
there are only a few movies that even support 3D at all and the numbers aren't going up
getting a 3D tv when only a few movies will support it is expensive

if 3D was the new standard and everything supported/had an option for 3D the price wouldn't be a big deal just like HD but 3D isn't the new standard

regardless of whether its new or not for the amount your paying for it and the support your getting from it it is expensive

snaz272767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

hd and bluray had content to support it? Wtf? Really? How long has hd been out? What nearly 10 years? And look at sky or virgin hd channels! Half the content isn't even in hd! Lol... Blu ray took ages for it to get content... And like i've said these is loads of 3d content to keep you busy... You just haven't looked... Google 3d content and you'll be suprised i think... Does everything have a option for 3d yet? No, but neither does hd and that tech is old! And the price you pay for it? What 100 quid more for a 3d set is too much? Wtf!... And as i've said you can get 3d projectors for less than a hd tv! How is it expensive? If we were talking about a grand and a half i'd agree but they aren't, they are dead cheap! If you were in the market for a new tv, wouldn't you pay a ton more for 3d? Really? And it's for the future too not just today lol... Come on man, if you wanna wait a while that's cool, but you can't say it's not worth it, especially if you are a ps3 gamer :-) EDIT.... Here i've made it easy for you, took me 3 seconds, please dont tell me there is no content lol.. I'll find you a games list too if you like? Then i'll grab you the sky and virgin listings too? Lol.

snaz272767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

here is a list from december last year! Lol no content indeed! 2/20/stereoscopic-3d-on-the-ps 3 -full-list-of-all-3d-games-and - blu-rays/... Just hold tight while i get those tv listings for you too :-). EDIT... Actually here is a pretty good article for you which is testament that 3d is staying with us into the future :-) enjoy ml now what were you saying? Oh yeah expensive! Hmmm want me to find you the cheapest set? Google is pretty good you know lol.

koehler832767d ago

The screens are coming down in price fast, but unfortunately the glasses aren't. They need an open standard to help cultivate competition among glasses manufacturers to lower price and consumer confusion.

Duckman332767d ago

Yeah, the TV's are reasonably priced for what you are getting. It's the glasses they rape your arse on. Think if you have a family of 3-6 and everyone wants to watch TV. At ~$250 a pop, that's a lot of cash!

RankFTW2767d ago

Too expensive lol, no chance. Here in the UK a 3D TV will set you back about £600 for a 40 inch screen, and it's no doubt cheaper over the Atlantic.

Raven_Nomad2767d ago

You cant touch a 3-D television for under $1500, anything decent sized is $2000-$3000 or more and that's with one set of glasses.

Compared to the almost 60 inch LED television I bought for under $1000 it's an easy choice for me. I was never a fan of 3-D and don't plan to be, it makes me sick at the theater and gives me headaches.

It could be fun I guess with a movie like Star Wars but I don't want to wear stupid glasses to enjoy television, games or movies in my own house.

I like the 3DS, but honestly I was more interested in it for the upgraded hardware then the 3-D, I don't actually plan on using the 3-D on it at all.

Baka-akaB2767d ago

Some of us have been repeating here for months that you can find excellent 3dtv models for less .

Take the Panasonic curent lines of Viera plasma as an example .

You wont find many hdtv as great as those , especially for gaming . I know it's smaller than your example , but my Panasonic Viera 50" only costed 1400 . And that was 4-5 months ago .

Not to mention some quality brands are even cheaper , like Samsung

Duckman332767d ago

Amazon has these listed for ~$1900-$2100...

BX812767d ago

I have to disagree. I have a 50" Samsung plasma 3DTV for $999.99 at best buy. It's a pretty sweet tv imo.

Duckman332767d ago


Where are you guys getting these low prices from? Cuz I'm not finding them...

Baka-akaB2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

well for starters amazon had them listed once at exactly the prices me and BX81 mentioned .

I remember posting the price for the viera screen at 1299 .

And either way , amazon or best buy arent the only places in existence ( we dont even got best buy nor do they ship here) .

Plenty local stores have that kind of deals .

I live on a foreign island where a brand new game cost 120 dollars minimum and where each imported electronic item get taxed around 100-200 extra dollars , and yet i still managed to find and excellent 3dtv at decent prices .

Everytime the subject pops , people give example with links of good and cheap 3dtvs .
Some People just dont research and lazily say "its too expensive and cost 3k"

BX812767d ago

I just went to best and found it with the Shrek starter kit. Shipped it to the store . I was able to pick it up in 2 days.

ThanatosDMC2767d ago

Start churning out 3D porn... and they will come... that didnt sound right.

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