GAME excited by new PS3 model

It seems gamers aren't the only people excited about Sony's cheaper 40GB PlayStation 3 as UK retail store GAME has recently given its stamp of approval.

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Danny Dan5840d ago

And why aren't there more positive articles like this bout the price cut Sony made...?

ATLRoAcH5840d ago

A good question Denim Dan.Probably the large 360 fanbase here on N4G.

xplosneer5840d ago

Seems as if only Xbox 360 fans are mad about no B/C.(No Offense)

Chris_GTR15840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

lol. does it matter if theres any good articles for the ps3? will it make you feel better about your purchase? your screwd anyways so what game says dosent matter.

ATLRoAcH5840d ago

And I never wanted a 360 or a wii.No offense they're just not my shot of Hen.

Screwed? How, you would have to be blind or ignorant(or both)to not see the PS3 has a future.Luckily I'm a patient man so I can wait for good games.

Chris_GTR15840d ago

well i had a ps2 and ps1. ps3 is just too expensive. the only reason why i even got a ps2 was because of GTA games.on ps1 my favorite game was driver 1 and 2...so halo and GTA are my favorite games ever, so with gta4 and halo 3 being on 360 , its a must have console for me. all of the other ps3 ,360 games dont intrest me.. well maybe only mgs ,splintercell and masseffect

Danny Dan5840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

And you are the type of posters in these forums/communities that just create hostility. Instead of taking a neutral approach you decide to bring drama into this.

Would it make me feel better? I would still feel the same about my favorable console than if there was no or tons of positive articles. What WOULD make me feel better is when there is a positive article, it is nowhere to be seen, and xBox/PS3 fans flock like birds when there is a negative article of the PS3 and they take that basis as the whole world..

I think the PS3 has a lot of potential, and a giant future and guys like you, who favor the XBox seem to be either highly misinformed or just to choose to be blinded... Whatever it may be, the question should be do you feel better after posting in an article like this? Do you feel like you need to be at the defense of the 360 whenever someone posts something slightly positive of the PS3? hmm... I'm here to consult, talk to me buddy

nasim5840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

there has to be a limit to trolling

There is no way a game like HALO 3 with bland graphics and gameplay could attract consumers. In EU only the XBOTS purchased x360 and HALo 3.
what is shocking is the fact that all x360s including the 65nm falcon are 100% defective.


i completely agree with you. These BOTS although very few in numbers do realize the pounding x360 is about to get from the 40gig ps3.

ps3 is expensive????????????????????

ps3 40gig +BD player +wifi+ HDMI 1.3 costs the same as defective elite with none of the features and 50 $ per annum for useless online with 2D text achievements.

face it bots ;- X360 IS NOW FINISHED
as an FPS lover i would never pick anything over Resistance,Killzone 2 and Crysis.



X360S SELLING??????????????????????? ???????????????????/
where is x360 selling except NA and some parts of UK

even in UK ps3 runs neck and neck with x360 at 2x the price point.

PS3 has surpassed x360 already in places like France,belgium,middle east etc.

In JAPAN ps3 outsells x360 10:1

Blue RAY outsells HD DVD 9:1 on a worldwide basis.

that garbage box 360 is now dead officially from 10th OCTOBER

WE want a next gaming machine as well as blu-ray player.


Chris_GTR15840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

i dont even care. the reason why i even posted was cause of those noobs that approve this. i mean come on..."GAME excited by new PS3 model".. seriously who gives a sh*t. i would say the exact same thing if they posted "game exited over 360 arcade bundle" who the F*** gives a sh*t about this. i guess its ok to post news about ign getting exited over it and gamespot, and all those other places.

edit. @ nasim..
people dont want all that cra*p! they want a video game console! thets why there buying them.. if they wanted a blueray player they would of bought one. sony wouldnt have such horrible sales right now if they didnt put in that piece of sh*t blue ray. i honestly think ps3 would of won this gen easily withough the blueray.

a limit to trolling....?? your the biggest troll on this site, ive seen you post on a BUNCH of halo 3 news.

come on why do u keep adding in stuff about blueray beating hd dvd.. waht does that have to do with 360?? absolutely nothing! i didnt buy it, and thats what makes the 360 great. i wasnt forced to buy it like u were.
my 360 has never broken.. even if it did id rather it break and take 2 weeks to get back cause i know when i get it back theres gonna be new games out. as opposed to having a ps3 and constantly being left out of games due to constant delays and bad framerates.

BloodySinner5840d ago

We want a video game machine, not a Blu-Ray player, asshole.

xplosneer5840d ago

I respect your opinion. I like Uncharted, EOJ, and Little Big Planet, shooters are getting blander and aren't my favorite anymore.

I don't like your third comment because it's the same about Xbox 360 Halo hype, but whatever, I think this site is a neverending flamewar anyways, and I come here knowing that.

kooplar5840d ago

`` 2.4 - CHRIS
there has to be a limit to trolling ´´

I cant beleave u just said that

And by the way, ur fps selection is crap, resistance is mediocre ( and yes ive plaed it ), killzone 2 and crysis arent even out. Why dont u add some good ones like half life 2, HEY ITS IN THE PS3, SO UR GANA LOVE IT, but i guess it not being ps3 exclusive makes u not care and miss one of the greatest fps of all time. While ur at it, add halo to that list, not even halo 3, just halo, i would love to see you at least play it, instead of constantly bashing it, AS THE FPS LOVER U ARE.

ATLRoAcH5840d ago

Noob?Yeah I've been here since the beginning of September but I've contributed more than you and you've been here since February.And Blu-ray
suck? How? What makes DVD next gen?

Oh, and just for the record I have nothing against the 360.If you want one buy one.I'm not trying to sell PS3s here.

demolitionX5840d ago

here's the latest news, MS will have a new 360 with a floppy drive. hahahahahahahahahaha.

Chris_GTR15840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

i have nothing against blueray or hd dvd. i just dont care about them. nasim says blueray is outselling hd dvd 9-1.. since when do gamers care about movies and brag about them? come on ..thats just sad... i know i would be really pissed if MS included anykinda expensive crap i didnt need into the 360. they keept it basic. what GAMERS want. not all this bs just to use you as pawns in a format war. thanks to u guys sony has just won the format war... they win $ percentage for EVERY blueray movie sold... instead of it being something neutral like hd dvd, all the $$ goes to sony

@xplosneer 2.12
so that makes it less bad? sony is getting money out of every blueray movie you buy. and will continue to for the next 10 years?since it just won the format war. well i guess they sacraficed one for the other.. they killed their playstation brand to make blueray win...in the end only consumers lose

xplosneer5840d ago

Sony isn't the only member in the BDA...
stop making sony seem like the only supporter of Blu Ray. they aren't.

ATLRoAcH5840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

Just to let you know first I don't have anything against you man sorry if it seems like I'm calling you out.

But yeah Sony gets money from Blu-Ray they own it, they made it.Doesn't Toshiba get money for HD-DVD?If not there getting screwed.Don't forget movie studios like Paramount getting paid off to go HD-DVD exclusive which was a stupid and shady move.

The Blu-Ray isn't only for movies our games are Blu-Ray too. The Blu-Ray in the PS3 was meant for gaming. Sony made Blu-Ray for the PS3. Blu-Ray to me is for gaming not movies but Blu-Ray movies are good to. And the only way Blu-Ray hurt the PS3 is at launch when they couldn't get enough Blu-Ray drives and ended up with less PS3s.

And since when did the Playstation brand die.I'm beginning to think you're just hating.Why hate?

Chris_GTR15840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

@2.15? i dunno lol
yea its cool but i really dont see gta being mutliple cds.even gta sanandreas only took up 3.14? gb on the ps2. and that game was collosal in size.im shure theyll find a way to compress gta4 onto the dvd. and dont forget the 360s dvd reads almost 2x faster than the blueray in ps3. so theres gonna be waaay less cropping and stuff like on the ps2 with gta when you drove too fast it would always happen.i think also oblivion took up 6GB for 360. dvd space isnt a constraint unless its japanese developers wich use CGI instead of gameplay cutscenes to fill it.

(new also)lol
i dunno what to answer lol.. check your pm's

did u even check the pm's?
well ive read it a couple times... but... nothing beats a video comparison.. check this out

the 360 finished loading by over 15 seconds b4 ps3 even got to the video

(newer than before)
alright man well im gonna turn off the pc. see ya later.

ATLRoAcH5840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

Yeah,I feel ya a lot of games are possible on multiple discs.But what about open world games.Would you want to swap discs to go to the other side of town in say a GTA game? I wouldn't.And wouldn't cost publishers and possibly even the consumer for multiple discs?

Anyway I've enjoyed this little debate more interesting than most of them.

Yeah,But Sony needs money they got in debt just making the PS3.And maybe with the Blu-Ray money they'll support their gaming division and make one hell of a PS4.PS4 thats weird just to type after typing PS3 2000 times.

ATLRoAcH5840d ago (Edited 5840d ago )

I'm getting tired its nearly 2:00 A.M. here in Atlanta and you've run out of bubbles(I'll give ya one what the hell).
But the last thing I want know is where did you here that DVD streams faster.I read BlU-Ray streams fast as hell.

newer thats funny yeah I'll check out the video.But I don't think the PS3 will have the draw distance issues the PS2 had no matter which streams faster I'm sure the 360 and PS3 will be okay in that area.Both are far improved upon the PS2.

I checked out the video it was faster but it was tony hawk.No two games are the same even if they are the same game but on different consoles.

(even newer)
Aight see ya dude.

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StormSoldier5840d ago

u will get it u kno u will as soon as it gets known how be used properly unlike the 360 at its full potential.the ps3 will get the best stuff round and ur gonna run to best buy or some wal mart and buy ur self1 u kno u will the xbox is done and it still doesnt interest me.

sonarus5840d ago

This will make PS3's sell like hotcakes in the UK especiall now that games europeans really care about are finally on the system. Fifa pre evo soccer, singstar, and a whole other games. All the greats might not be out yet but by the time GT5 rolls out, MGS4, KZ2, GOW3, Along with all the undercover ps3 exclusives that will hit nxt yr

wangdiddy825840d ago

i love my ps3 and the games for the system.. Cant wait to buy rahet and clank this month