Xbox 720 rumours: what you need to know

Xbox 720 rumours are now more than just internet gossip.

It's one thing to wildly speculate about the next Xbox console. It's quite another to find out that Microsoft is gearing up to build one.

Recent job postings reveal that the Xbox Console Architecture team is hunting for new blood. Successful candidates will join a team that will be "responsible for defining and delivering next generation console architectures from conception through implementation."

It screams Xbox 720 (or whatever Microsoft chooses to call its new Xbox). So let's gather together the facts, the half-whispered untruths and the wishful thinking to see what such a machine might be like…

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kookie2767d ago

One thing is sure it wont be named Xbox 720

sikbeta2767d ago

xbox 540? XD why not 720?

Kon2767d ago

Ybox, or maybe Zbox?

kneon2767d ago

Zbox is taken, don't know about YBox

protekjv2767d ago

yeah something different than xbox 720.

Godmars2902767d ago

So MS is going to name the Xbox 720 the PS4. Sony will likely have something to say about That.

Stealth20k2767d ago

who cares since "rumors" say it wont hit for 4 years....

zeal0us2767d ago

the 2 ppl that disagree with you apparently cares, even though its only rumor...

this/these rumors is stuff we already basically know

-ofc we know it will be stronger than the predecessor
-ofc we new features will be added, what console don't come with new features...
-ofc new control design or something will be added to make it at-least different than its predecessor.

the only thing we don't is the release date, which is quite obvious

Emilio_Estevez2767d ago

"Xbox 720 rumours are now more than just internet gossip."
Really? Cuz this sounds just like internet gossip. Wierd.

Sanii2767d ago

wtf i just bought a 360?!!?

Bob5702767d ago

You're a little late to the party dude. The Xbox original was overshadowed by the 360 at this point in it's life.

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The story is too old to be commented.