1Up Reviews NBA Live 08 (Xbox 360)

1Ups Bryan Intihar reviews NBA Live 08 for the 360, and assures that the game goes along way in righting several of the wrongs committed by the 07 edition. For starters, this one is...well, it's actually playable, thanks to a host of improvements. Instead of the god-awful default camera perspective that made it seem like you were playing the game from the nosebleed section, Live 08 introduces a much more effective sideline view.

This year's edition sports some legit low-post moves, and it's very easy for your power forwards and centers to pass the rock with their back to the basket. Simply holding the trigger or shoulder button enables you to play tight man-to-man defense on ball handlers.

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kspraydad4493d ago

What is WRONG with these game companies?

power of Green 4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

Why would you post the 360 review and use the 360 score as an example of Devs not doing their jobs with the higher scoring version?, strange thing to do with an even stranger comment to go along with the action being a Sony fan worried about the 360.

Maddens Raiders4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

and yet people will line up and buy it - so what difference does it make?

Electronic Farts FTW

Marceles4493d ago

..but only cause I know a guy that works at EA, so i get EA gameds for 20 bucks. But 60 bucks for this, pfft. Basically it's the exact same Live game you've been playing for years with a graphics makeover. It's not THAT bad, but 2K still owns the b-ball court, by alot.