George Hotz Runs Away to South America; Lies About Having PSN Account

After the judge demanded George Hotz gives in his devices and hard drives, the PlayStation 3 hacker ran away to South America to avoid handing his possessions in and now has put his case in extreme jeopardy. The hacker also lied about having a PlayStation Network account. GeoHot has finally been caught out.

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Ve3tro2770d ago

Don't drop the soap, you won't be able to hack your way out of that.

SuperKing2770d ago

Well, atleast that donation money has been put to good use. lol

inveni02770d ago

Man, if he used that money to leave the country, you can add defrauding the public to his list of faults. Unlike what Sony is suing him for (which is just a civil suit), fraud is a criminal offense, and he could face some real jail time. Something tells me there are a few big brutes in prison that aren't going to be too impressed by Geo's "skillz".

360degrees2770d ago Show
Mmmkay2770d ago

trolls only do trolling

ThanatosDMC2770d ago

He better start lubing up while he's over there.

Mr_Bun2770d ago

I see a couple of trolls above who are out some "donation" money.

GrieverSoul2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Hey guys! Give him more money plz!

He is going to need a lot of it now!! :)

Edit: I can wait to see his next rap! ahah
Rap about giving your PS3 serial number for Sony to track your PSN id... even I wouldnt be so stupid! lol

MrDead2770d ago


I have a psn accout does this mean I'll be banned and forced into exile.... or do you think its because George has been stupid?

MysticStrummer2770d ago

360degrees, you can't possibly believe what you're spouting there... can you? If so... wow.

Krimson-Rage2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I'm sure the people who did donate money will continue to defend his actions until they're blue in the face.

If he considers what he did 'right', why the flight?

Does the bubble system here even work? Witness the paranoid, conspiracy theory nonesense being spouted by "360Degrees", yet he has five bubbles?

Bathyj2770d ago

360, look I know because its Sony and you're a 360 shill, you have to stick up for him, but give it up dude.

He's busted, its over.

Youre just embarrassing yourself now.

RedDragan2770d ago

OMG! You guys are missing out one very serious offence here! He sabotaged evidence ordered by a court of law! That is very serious!

Now I am well aware the law firm helping his defence said they will foot the bill.... but after being found to lie in court, and sabotage the Hard Drive I bet you that bill be passed directly to Hotz.

He will be paying that for the rest of his now miserable life! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Hotz will not be able to hack his way out of a jail cell!!! Atleast we won't have to see his ugly mug when he is behind bars!

Christopher2770d ago

Honestly, you gotta wonder how people feel about that if what Sony says is true. I mean, it's one thing for a company to anger hackers, it's another for a hacker to anger those who blindly supported him/her.

Christopher2770d ago

***let this be a lesson to anyone out there who actually believes that once you buy an electronic device, that you now OWN it, and are free to do with it as you please...WRONG***

The only issue here is the ignorance of you and others into thinking that by owning hardware that equates to you owning the software that is an IP of Sony.

People need to understand the massive distinction between the two.

I'm amazed that people are having trouble seeing this, as well. If you buy a PC preloaded with Windows OS and Microsoft Office, do you also assume that you own and can do anything you want with those without Microsoft coming after you for distributing your own modifications of their Software?

360degrees2770d ago Show
RedDragan2770d ago


You do own the hardware. But not the software. You can what you wish the hardware. But not the software.

It isn't a case of should or shouldn't be able to do what you want. The law doesn't work that way. If you feel differently then there is simply bugger all you can do about it. So get used to it or forever cut your own face off to spite yourself.

It's a simple choice really, look what happened to last guy who didn't like it. He ran off to Brazil! LOLOLOL

MrDead2770d ago


STOP. Its hard to get bubbles on this site, your destroying all your work!

harrisk9542770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

As opposed to what is sometimes the norm on N4G, I am going to give you a point by point response to why I believe that you are incorrect in your indictment of Sony on this particular issue.

First, I agree with you that a person should have the right to "jailbreak" or mod a product that they own. Period. End of story. Back in the PS1 days, people would install mod chips to play Japanese games that were unavailable in the U.S. But, in this particular situation, the PS3 hacking is not for the individual and homebrew, but is to enable piracy (though some will use it for homebrew purposes).

I also agree with you that it is probably not the best, from a public relations standpoint, for a corporation, be it MS, Apple, the MPAA, RIAA or Sony, to sue hackers such as George Hotz. It calls more attention to the situation and gets the ire of the hacking community as a whole. The one thing that we can be sure of is that once the cat is out of the bag, it is out of the bag and if you have a community of undoubtably smart people working on hacking a device, it is going to happen sooner or later.

However, I disagree with you that Sony should just sit back and do nothing because Sony does need to do something to protect its products (the same as MS) from those people who want to hack a system for purposes of piracy. I know that people (such as George Hotz) would argue that jailbreaking is for the "homebrew" community. That may be true, but in REALITY, the purpose for jailbreaking for many hackers is to allow the use of pirated games on a system. These game developers spend hundreds of millions of dollars developing and marketing their hardware. If this was merely a question of homebrew, I don't know that Sony would be reacting as forcefully as it is. But, it is about piracy and disruption of online play through Sony's private network, the PSN.

You only have to look at how within a day of the hack being released, Call of Duty was a shambles on the PS3 with cheating run amok.

What George Hotz did was to crack the PS3 and then release the information to the hacking world. He did it loudly. He did it boldly. He did it knowing full well that the information would be used for nefarious purposes. Yet, his ego and his fame within the hacking community drove his actions. As opposed to the iPhone hack, this hacking is going to lead to piracy, pure and simple. The reason that iPhone hacks were found legal is that you are using the jailbroken iPhones for your own purposes, not to foment piracy and hijacking of a gaming network.

While you may not agree that Sony has the right to prevent such actions once you buy the product, the bottom line is that the TOS is crystal clear. You enter into a contract with Sony (and frankly you enter into the same agreement with all software companies when you hit "I Agree") that you will not hack the code. You own the hardware (that is why Sony doesn't sue people for modding their PS3 case), but you only have a license to use the software.

harrisk9542770d ago

George Hotz's actions hurt Sony, yes. But, it also hurt consumers. It hurt people trying to play online games when hackers were cheating. It potentially hurts future game development. Why does a company dump millions upon millions of dollars into a system? There is an initial loss on every system sold and Sony makes money by moving software (licensing, development, distribution, etc.) If a system is being hacked, it gives developers pause when looking to make games for that system -- case in point would be the PSP. By, the way, Sony did not go after hackers on the PSP in the same way they are on the PS3. And what happened? Developers did not develop as much for that system.

Sony knows that is cannot go after every single person that hacks its system. But, it needs to at least draw a line in the sand and try to create some chilling effect and to do what it can to stave off piracy. Sony is a multi-billion dollar corporation that needs to answer to its shareholders who want to see them doing something. Anything to stop what is perceived as a threat to the system.

Now, not only is George Hotz thumping his chest at Sony, he is thumbing his nose at the legal system. You may not agree with the Court's ruling, but it is a ruling based upon existing laws and precedents. If this story is true, then Mr. Hotz is in contempt of Court and could end up being incarcerated for a short time. He is potentially turning a civil action into a criminal one.

Anyway, I could keep writing, but I think that this is long enough and that I made my points. Agree with me or not.

Jdoki2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Quote 360degrees ".let this be a lesson to anyone out there who actually believes that once you buy an electronic device, that you now OWN it, and are free to do with it as you please...WRONG"

You're talking out of your hat 360. Hotz (and anyone else) can do what they like with the PS3 - it's the distribution of the hack to a the public that is the problem. Sony need his devices / hard drives etc as part of the case, not because they want their property back!!

Opening up a PS3, re-wiring it in to a death-bot and adding a custom firmware would be fine if you used it for home defence. But sell or distribute the hack for the custom firmware to anyone and Sony could/would stomp you.

Just because Sony is taking a hard line with hackers doesn't make them the bad guy. I'm sure you'd be applauding this move if it were MS hunting down hackers - unless you're one of 'those' guys getting your gaming for free!

Prototype2770d ago

Well this proves one thing; he "talks" a good fight.

I wonder whats going through his hacker friends heads now seeing their "leader" ran his mouth then fled like a chicken.

sikbeta2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

So... Wait! ROFLMAO!!!!

He asked for money to "fight against the evil corp" and used that money to run away like a rat!? OMG! this is SO priceless, guess the "community" that "helped" him with $$$ will not be glad about this, Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!XD

Vherostar2770d ago

Hahahaha Hack an MS console they use it to sell consoles hack a Sony console and this happens.. He is truly worried not even Apple could touch this guy after the whole jail breaking stuff he did. This is seriously gonna scare other hackers off and if it doesn't there idiots.

jeseth2770d ago

360 is obviously someone that doesn't read.

Next time you carelessly click "agree" on an online agreement . . . actually take the time to read what you are signing for.

You clearly don't and that makes you and your argument ignorant.

Sony, Microsoft, Apple, etc. etc. all have these agreements. Problem is, people don't take the time to understand what they are signing for.

You sound like the person who goes to McDonald's every day, gains a ton of weight, then tries to sue McDonald's for you being a fat lazy ass. Even though the nutrition values are all over the place.

Educate yourself man. Because all you are doing is embarrassing yourself.

Biggest2770d ago

This might sound crazy, and trust me when I say that I am 100% against George Hotz. . .

Why couldn't he just be down there for spring break? He did just come onto a "large" sum of money thanks to his loyal girlfriends (read: hacker friends/supporters) and spring break is a wonderful place to waste money. While it would make sense that he is trying to run from the US courts, it makes more sense that he is just having fun on someome else's dime.

inveni02770d ago

"hell even ripped the tags off of your mattress"

You obviously have never read that tag. It's not an offense to remove it if you are the person that purchased it. The reason it is illegal to remove it if you ARE NOT the purchaser of the product is because it contains information that the buyer needs to know.

If you can't get the logistics behind something THAT simple right, then what makes you think you understand the Sony dilemma?

Dee_912770d ago

thank you harrisk954 for explaining saving me the time from doing so
because he obviously clueless as to how things like this work

jadenkorri2770d ago

no point trying to explain to 360degrees, hes a 360 fanboy troll. Jumps onto every ps3 article and trolls like every 360 fanboy and spouts false information every time. Will completely ignore the fact that MS does this too with the 360, fact, they ban from live if you put in your own fan to cool the system better.

MAiKU2770d ago

Best news ever. He's pretty much in the hole.

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jriquelme_paraguay2770d ago

where he is?
im from south america
yo me voy a encargar de el

CBaoth2770d ago

And here I thought his "magic legs" would've carried him to Greenbow, Alabama!

Acquiescence2770d ago

I'm having a hard time picturing his royal Hotzness holed up in a favela or boating downstream through rapids in the Amazon.

He'd be all like..."WHERE'S MAH TECHNOLOGIEEEES?!"

jriquelme_paraguay2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

@Acquiescence i think you are an ignorant... do you think we dont have "TECHNOLOGIEEEES"??

Or South America is only Jungle? Favela?

White-Sharingan2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Si llegas a encontrar a George, lo capturas y se lo envias a Sony por el correo :)

jriquelme_paraguay2770d ago

@White-Sharingan: primero lo cago a palos XD

silvacrest2770d ago

WOW....ignorance at its finest, what are you? 9?

do us all a favour and read a few books or better yet go travelling and open your mind

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morkendo232770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

so HOTZ hack the money and ran his sissy ass to south america what a FKING hacker.

morkendo232770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

hey!!! HOTZ sony has hacker proof lawyer in south america too you can run but U!! cant hide.

WharenPeace2770d ago

Now we know where all those donations went... a ticket abroad, and some cash to hide in South America for a few years.

zeal0us2770d ago

Lol I bet this will be one of the last time ppl donate to some hacker

oh w8 a minute it won't, ppl will still donate. Soon as a hacker promise them goodies if they get the donations.

He basically just screwed any hope(if there was any( for future hackers that sony take to court.

WharenPeace2770d ago

So true zeal0us.

By the way, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and accept that he's probably on vacation somewhere in South America, however what's more damning is the allegation that he tampered with evidence.

stuna12770d ago

Stick a fork in him, he's done!
No matter how good a hacker is, there are always ways to recover deleted files in software.

frostypants2770d ago

Wow. Way to stand up for what you believe in, coward. Guess you are just a petty lying little thief after all.

unknownhero11232770d ago

as if there was any doubt of his true intentions. GeoHotz screwed his own community over. If nothing else, they can get him for defrauding the public right?

Persistantthug2770d ago

to a country where the chicks are hot.

But something tells me he wasn't smart enough to do that. lol

tatotiburon2770d ago

runaway??? hahaha lmao the guy is on vacation, IGN posted some pictures this guy is having fun in buenos aires...he is WINNING like charlie sheen, enjoying his momentum and Sony still trying to stop the hacker community without any succes losing money everyday because piracy

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2770d ago

As Antoine Dodson would say

"They gone find you. They gone find you."

BubbleSniper2770d ago

now we can all laff 2 the people who donated to him...

where is failoverhero @?

fkn clown


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Chaostar2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

For someone so smart he's being pretty dumb. I hope he loses, not because because of any moral or ethical standing on what he has done but simply because he has the most punchable face I've ever seen and I'm not a violent man.

@delbert lol that's pretty bad but Georgey boy puts him in close second.

ThanatosDMC2770d ago

Pfft... that's nothing. Look at my avatar again.

Bathyj2770d ago

Thanatos, your avatar has always creeped me out.

And coming from me thats saying something.

Chaostar2770d ago


We have a wiener.

I actually punched my screen.

Cartesian3D2770d ago

lmao!! I have tears in my eyes... OMG xD

dredgewalker2770d ago


You owe me a monitor! I punched my screen on reflex seeing that second pic!

Karlnag32770d ago

I was expecting this face.

gman_2972770d ago

I did too while I was looking for a good face-punching pic. Now I have it wrapped in bandages since I hit the screen so many times.

I'd recommend putting a glass block from Minecraft in front of the screen so you're hitting that first, not the screen :)

Was one of my original thoughts, but I think Beiber is more punchable for being the biggest one of the new music conspirators that have destroyed today's music industry. And music may be more of a part of my life than gaming, now that I think about it.

R.I.P. 80's.

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thekiddfran2770d ago

What makes you think he is smart?everything he has done so far has been a desperate cry out for attention.

zag2770d ago

He's already lost.

You don't do a runner because your just about to win your case.

He's failed to comply with a number of court orders, In court the truth ends up coming out because people trawl through everything.

He'll be arrested and hauled back to the US.

Before he would have only had a fine or small jail time.

Now he's fucked the court around and everyone else his lawyers will be majorly pissed, so won't care what happens to him, but now he'll be looking at jail time and major fines.

he's fucked his life up now, he'll never be able to enter the US again.

stupid kids that what it is, think they can run around doing all this stuff yet can't.

frostypants2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

People tend not to fully understand how the world really works until they are well into their 20s. Kids (and yeah, 21 is still a kid) of George Hotz' age *think* they know it all, and *think* that their world views are enlightened and that everyone else just doesn't get it.

This kid is finding out how big a misjudgment that really is. You can't go through life doing whatever the frack you want and not expect the people you share the world with to just sit back and oblige. He and his supporters are forgetting than corporations like Sony are run by other people, who are as interested in protecting their livelihood as he is in messing with it.

Reality. It can smack you upside the head.

Nitrowolf22770d ago

Indeed, he is such a dumbass. He should have stayed for those very reasons, now he is going to get sued by his lawyers.

First off, the court can now automatically rule for Sony and he will be charged for Failure to appear.

Pretty much Sony went to court alone and since Geo Wasn't there Sony can use any evidence they want and the court will have no choice but to agree since they can't hear Geo side.

Pretty much Geo F'd up and now can be sued for other things

dredgewalker2770d ago

After this stunt he's certainly gonna be penniless, but the good news is that when it turns into a criminal case then a lot of folks in jail are gonna make a deposit in his ass :)

Graphics2770d ago

Damn.. How can people support a company that is so anti-customers. Sony go's to the extreme to protect there profits but won't dare fix a YLOD ps3 for free which happend to me TWICE!

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christheredhead2770d ago

dude is a joke. he continues to make a fool of himself.

ColinZeal2770d ago

Yeah, why support this idiot?
I´m glad I didn´t.

jc485732770d ago

he has a pretty iconic face

Raendom2770d ago

Lmao. Has anyone here watched "ancient aliens" on the history channel? He looks like that mental guy who believes in anceint astronaut theory:

yewles12770d ago

WIIIIN!!! ROFLMFAO!!! *passes out*