Is the PS3 really a failure?

When it comes down to it, the main point is that the PS3 should not be underestimated. With the eminent price drop and an impressive collection of games due out in the next 6 months, it would be ignorant to say the PS3 is dead. At this point, it's definitely too early to begin proclaiming winners. More within...

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Violater4493d ago

I am in need of some actual gaming news for me to get my fix.

cuco334493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

but to be on topic PS3 isn't a failure. It just hasn't done what Sony wanted it to do yet and is why many look at it as a failure.

Sony relied on the Playstation brand to carry CELL and BD and although we can argue that this round of CELL is like last round of the emotion chip, the BD side of things has NOT worked out good for them. The BDA solely rode on the PS3's success to deliver a quick blow to it's main competitor HD DVD and thusfar has proven to be more of a nuisance than anything (i.e. 1.5:1 lead but with almost 10times the players, compatibility issues, manufacturing issues, and cost cost cost to both consumer, studio and manufacturer). I think the PS3 will do just fine but it'll stay in 3rd. The big titles like MGS4 and GT5 will be system sellers but not enough to surpass 360 sales (I don't include Wii because we all can agree the Wii is in it's own league). We have yet to see how we need BD's disk space advantage (only a handful of games that haven't even been released show why but that's all speculation as no one's played those titles yet.)

Sony's new strategy of the 40gb PS3 being not 100%BC is a killer for me. At lease the other versions are still available. But BD's lack of a quick death blow in HDM can be considered the only failure right now.

Still too early to deem anything a failure.

As for what's been said many times, higher price point is to reduce Sony's losses per console sold (although right now we don't know how much they lose). The smaller library isn't selling to recoup the losses for system sales as well as most multiplatform titles look better on the 360 as well as are massively delayed for the PS3. The advertising IS there, aside from HALO3 I saw way more PS3 ads since launch over the 360 ads and Sony's marketing is ridiculous. They constantly spew misinformed 'facts' and even add lies to their campaign. I for one am NOT a fan of how they market their system. This all boils down to the negative media attention since the system sales aren't doing like everyone predicted as well as journalists retaliating on Sony's bold false claims. Competition from the Wii I would say isn't there, both 360 and PS3 owners are more than willing to pick up a Wii but competition from the 360 is there. If MS didn't have the reliability problems, PS3 would be in more serious trouble than it is now.

SonySoldiers4493d ago

YEP! thanks for defending SONY!...

For Sony a failure is not an option, it's just cowboys thought who want japanese products to fail.

Shadow Flare4493d ago

PS3 already has half the 360 userbase. 360 (apparently) sold 10 million in it's first year up to January 1st 2007. Since then the 360 has sold 1.6 million units. In like 9 months. What's the reason for that?....

...well at least sony never had to resort to this:


tmax4493d ago

Thanx for the links, they were a great read.

secret4492d ago

The dividing line has been drawn. Everything to the left of that line is the xbox360 and xbox360 multiports. Everything to the right of that line is the PS3 and the loyal PS3 developers like Insomniac games.

The following link is a Grand Turismo5 versus Real-life comparison quiz. Let's see how you do. Take the quiz and see the power of the PS3 rather than the smoke & mirrors of the xbox360. PS3 fans, you might want to try for yourself...enjoy the true next gen experience on the utlimate home theater console -- the PS3.

Power of Green, you can take the quiz if you want, but you might get hurt when you see how good the PS3 really is from this quiz. I suggest you don't take it. I don't know how old you are, but I feel concern for you for some reason. In your other posts, you seem hurt.

Unless you got all 14 answers on this quiz correct on the first try with 100% certainty, with absolutely no doubt at all while you were taking the exam, I don't think you should click disagree. Clicking disagree without passing this test in flying colors shows (to yourself) that you're untrustworthy, pigheaded, and easily amazed by microsoft's smoke and mirrors. You know who you are.(If Microsoft really loves you, then why does it continue to sell you a product that it KNOWS is still defective rather than HALTING production until the flaws are worked out?).

Thank you. Now take the quiz.



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TheSMART4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

charts speak for themselves! But i would like to add that the PS3 has accomplished all of this while having:

A much higher price point
Smaller software library
No Good adverstising and marketing
No system selling franchises released (MGS4, FFXII, Gran Turismo, etc.)
Negative media attention.
And competition from Wii and 360.

ATLRoAcH4493d ago

I agree with ya man the PS3 has had like no advertisement.Compared to the 360 which has 200 commercials a day showing(including that annoying Mountain Dew/Halo 3 gamer fuel commercial) its doing pretty good.And just for the record I would pay a high price for the PS3 for the name Playstation as a matter of a fact I already did knowing it would be a while before all the good games come out.Had the money,seized the moment.

Dr Pepper4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )


I actually think Wii has the most commercials out of the three consoles. Those are on constantly. But I agree, there are a lot of those Halo 3 Mountain Dew commercials (and they get annoying after a while).

FirstknighT4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

"charts speak for themselves! But i would like to add that the PS3 has accomplished all of this while having:

A much higher price point
Smaller software library
No Good advertising and marketing
No system selling franchises released (MGS4, FFXII, Gran Turismo, etc.)
Negative media attention.
And competition from Wii and 360."

Just more proof that the fanboys are the only ones buying the ps3. I said this a million times, Sony has a rabid fanbase and would purchase a toilet if it had the words "sony" and "exclusive" on it. More proof is that Sony's big games like Heavenly Sword are selling like crap. It's pretty clear that gamers are buying the 360 and not just fanboys. The sales charts prove this.

Quickstrike4493d ago

I'm betting that M$ is paying the media to report about bad things about the superior PS3.

Starting bid: $100

athlon7704492d ago

even if you were to classify everyone as a "sony fanboy" then lets think about that statement and what you are up against.

There are over 100million PS1 & PS2 systems in homes, not shipped like MS likes to count, but actualy in someones home, so being sony, there are 100million houses that are potential buyers to upgrade from a PS1 or PS2 to a PS3. It is no wonder why so many of you 360 owners are grabbing at straws!

Relax, you do not have to dog every article that comes out talking about the PS3, the 360 is still a very good system and MS will not go bankrupt because the PS3 is starting to gain momentum!

Play B3yond4489d ago

I would laugh sooooo hard if Sony pulls a sega on the 360.

Play B3yond4489d ago

I would laugh sooooo hard if Sony pulls a sega on the 360.

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drtysouf214493d ago

after the $399 40GB PS3 has been out for awhile!

Gondee4493d ago

I think sony was going after the casual market when they made the 400 doller version, although. They also killed it by not allowing it to be back compatable with PS2. Once they get that all worked out. then they could have a chance of catching up

SofaKingReetodded4493d ago

if you get a PS3 for $400 and still want back compat they figure you can go buy a PS2 for about a $100.It would be different if the PS2 were discontinued. It is still alive and well and Sony is just making smart decisions.

felman874493d ago

If you need BC, buy one of the few remaining 60 gb for an extra $100

power of Green 4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

You would be just as ignorant to assume the PS3 can make some glorious come back due to games some of which will be releasing on the 360. Its like the PS3 gamers do not buy games and only talk of 3 or 4 games they wan't- as if they purchased the PS3 to see what the next all time favorite will look like on new hardware. lol

Price, popular opinion & dev profits(Attach rates will win the war). Wii is in its own world/market.

Its ignorant to think this console can magiclly not be in third place when PS3's competition can kill PS3. I never seen a generation wher there was more than two dominating forces.

I'll tell you the truth:
Sony fans should hope and pray the 40 giger does not force MSFT to sell the Arcade bundle cheaper than the Wii.

RonDeMuerte4493d ago

This article basically acknowledges that the PS3 is far from being a failure, and that you and most of your X-bot brethren are IGNORANT...

funkysolo4493d ago

The 360 had a year headstart and it has only manage to sell 11 million consoles and that's with your so call Halo3 and Gears of war...PS3 has manage to sell well even after the High price...360 has nothing left, what proven franchise are left for the 360..NONE. PS3 is still rolling and has the most anticipated titles in history coming with in months. Halo3 release and only manage to ship an extra 100,000 consoles more this month. How sad is that Halo3 sold 4 million copies but 360 only got a 100,000 increase in sale for the month...look what a system seller really does PSP sold almost 1 million PSP in september because of FF and new design, 1 million consoles. What do you think it's going to happen when SOCOM, MGS4, GT5 and FF13 come out? You xbots seem to forget that the PS3 has only been out 10 months and the 360 suck balls last year. 360 is dead and Halo3 sucked and won't be remember in a month and PS3 dominates the rest of the way...

gerrard4493d ago

So why is the core pack not selling well? and what makes you think arcade pack will do any better since its just a core with a memory card? They could even give them away and everyone will smell ring of death.

Zhuk4493d ago

The PS3 is a failure all you have to do is compare it to Gamecube sales even the Gamecube could sell better than the PS3

deadpreacher4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

I agree with must of it. Only thing i can say is i wont call the PS3 a complete failure yet, but i sure can say it aint doing nothing for me right now! If next year is the same as this one and i still feel the same way than yes i will say its a failure even if it does start to outsell everything. Right now there aint one game im looking forward to yet. Still kind of hopen on afew hiden gems that sparks my needs. MGS4 aint it im more a Splinter Cell Fan besides i never could see anything good in the old ones. Gran turismo 5 aint it. Final fantasy will i just dont care for RPG's. Only thing thats a old IP that would strike me is a new Twist metal! Also to be 100% honest im more of a 3rd party type of guy UBI Soft mostly. Both camps only have one or two games i have to have. MS Forza & Mechassult, Sony Twisted metal. Rest are 3rd party and we all know who does them better right now including the ONLINE! I'm still willing to hold off for at least a year before i call the PS3 a failure and than must likely won't ever buy at least new. It has to offer something better or at least on par with and what i have now! If 3rd party games get better and the Online gets better than we might be talking. So far MS just has all that i want and need and they are leaps and bonds over it, for at least now it's keeping me from buying a PS3. MY BF owns one and i will watch it grow over the next year and than i will tag the PS3 as a failure or not!

andy0014493d ago

Many people I know only have a couple of games for their consoles. In the UK soccer is virtually a religion and some of my friends have a 360 with a games collection consisting of Fifa 07 and thats it.

The mass market are really only casual gamers with only a couple fo games. The 360 software attach rate being so high is really because they haven't tapped into that market at all, and the reason why the Wii software sales are pretty low is simply because many casual gamers will buy the console with Wii Sports and never buy anything else, only pulling it out at parties.

I think anyone calling the PS3 a failure after such a short time and when the PS2 is still selling very well, is being very shortsighted. Sometimes I think that Sony releasing this new cheaper version is more to do with the FUD from the Microsoft-bought media than it is to do with the Sony strategy.

Kaze884493d ago

Look the sales of ps3 and x0 first years sales, theyr identical. ups x0 sold less than gc on its first year and it had no next-gen competition.
Ps3 had wii and x0 against it and it has double price, but still its selling as good as x0 on its first year.
Just think about that!

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