Xbox 360 Not Upgradable to DirectX 10

According to ATI themselves. "Xbox360 cannot run DX10". The Xbox360 has unique features including memory export that can enable DX10-class functionality such as stream-out," said an ATI spokesperson. "From what we're hearing, Crysis will support DX9 with some sort of use for DX10 features. It's likely that those DX10 visuals can be replicated on the Xbox360, but it can't be properly called DX10."

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OutLaw5377d ago

This site is becoming known. 1up brings us up in their article

TheMART5377d ago

Oh great and it was my post ;)

Ah well Crysis also is not running on native DX10 on PC as they state, it's DX9 with some optimalizations in DX10 which the 360 also can do.

Same outcome I guess of the article although slightly different setup

TheMART5377d ago

And a post to read on 1up that sounds logical:

"DirectX # doesn't matter - Unified Shader Language is the same on Xbox 360
mike_mgoblue, 08/23/2006

The Xbox 360 currently is based around the DirectX 9 programming language for PC, which makes PC ports very easy. Microsoft was able to use DirectX 9 technology with the Xbox 360 because it was already the top-of-the-line standard for PC development when the Xbox 360 was released. Obviously, the Xbox 360 would not be based around DirectX 10 in the same way, because Windows Vista won't be available until sometime in 2007.

Thankfully, Microsoft has designed DirectX 9 so that it can be adjusted and improved very easily in order to remain very similar to adjustments and improvements in the PC development environment. Microsoft will be able to modify the Unified Shader Xbox 360 development environment so that it is the EQUIVALENT of DirectX 10, but would not technically be able to be called DirectX 10, even though its performance would be nearly identical.

A system like the Playstation 3 that does not use this sort of Unified Shader program language is really going to have a difficult time converting a game like Crysis. This is probably the reason why the developers who were interviewed said they didn't like the performance of the Playstation 3 when they were doing experiments with it. Square Enix said that it took them less than a year to convert Final Fantasy XI to the Xbox 360, because it used the Direct X programming language. However, Square Enix also said that the reason why they would not be releasing Final Fantasy XI for the Playstation 3 is because it would literally take them over three years to develop for the Playstation 3, since they would have to start from scratch.

I believe that there will be a port of Crysis...but it will only be on the Xbox 360. This makes me very happy to be an owner of the Xbox 360. I really like that sort of First-Person-Shooter genre, and the Xbox 360 is the KING of that genre! "

HaHa5377d ago

i remember xbox 1.5fanboys saying that their beloved console was using directX 10 ahahhha

DG5376d ago

Like it was said before DirectX is just a bundle of code/software it can still be implemented.

Morbius4205375d ago

I just joined up but I've been reading these posts for about 4 months and eveytime TheMart psots I always learn something new. You rock.

TheMART5377d ago

First off: let's hope you will add anything to this side on day that would be nice to see.

Secondly: it was no news of MS, a site did this rumour. What about Sony's 2 x HDMI, all games in 1080p, CGI = ingame and more. A whole lot worse

And best thing is: 360 uses some parts of DX10 and has DX9 as basis. The same way Crysis is programmed, not completely on DX10. Read above,
" Microsoft will be able to modify the Unified Shader Xbox 360 development environment so that it is the EQUIVALENT of DirectX 10, but would not technically be able to be called DirectX 10, even though its performance would be nearly identical."

So Crysis is still same story: easy to get on 360 and PS misses DX capability at all

OutLaw5377d ago

Don't let it upset you, I also have a 360 and I know the system is a very good system. We don't need it to do everything for it to have great games. It's not the end of the world if the 360 isn't upgradable to Directx 10. I appreciate the info you do provide for the site, but bring it down a notch you sound to defensive about the subject.

TheMART5377d ago

I'm not upset, I am just quoting someone who reacts on the DX10 not completely possible stuff.

I think it's nice info. And yup I might be a bit faster jumping on a fence then you. Well heck, that's all in the person. I guess it's because I really damn Sony for the PS2 with sh!tty drive.

But well, good to see you back posting news!

HaHa5376d ago

why do you want me to participate in this site so much, you for one only talk BS in every article it's always the same do you relly think that you have anything interesting to say?? you just repeat yourself about how sony is dying and microsoft is as pure as christ!! besides this site is runned by 360fans ala DC RIDER, all the ps3 good news don't make it to the main paige and on every ps3 article there are more lame votes than cool NO MATTER what the news is not to mention we often get spammed. so tell me what good will it be to post anything. i've given up on posting the only thing i come here for is to see if there is anything i missed.

TheMART5376d ago

at least more then you are. Second who are 'we'? All sony fans united? you're a funny guy

I have a certain few maybe on PS3. I think I may have it because I feel f*cked by Sony over my PS2 and the 360 just fullfill it's promisses. With Sony I feel they're always overpromissing and underdelivering.

I post articles, which I don't see you doing. Only biased fanboy posts. So if you're blaming someone else over it, it's like removing a splinter from someone elses eyes but in the mean time have a whole tree in your own

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specialguest5377d ago

well..there goes the DX10, but like the article stated; it doesn't nessesarily mean 360 can't port Crysis. it'll just take a little tweaking.

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