Good Game: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together review

HEX: It's a huge game. A play through of the story will take about 40 hours, and a full completion with all of the side quests will take over 100, but the story isn't interesting enough to keep my attention for that long. I like the battles, but it's just too much micromanagement for me.

BAJO: The story is definitely dry, but I think if you invest the many hours the game demands, it'll win you over. I agree about the relentless micromanagement between battles, but the battles themselves are great... I don't think this will appeal to anyone who's never played a game like this before, but for fans of the genre and of the old classic, it's very rewarding.

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rambler2818d ago

Hex marked it down for being 'too complex'. Fail.

crxss2818d ago

Bubble up if you clicked to find out who that chick is. Pozzle you tricky bastard lol.

PlayerX2818d ago

Lol fail review. This game is amazing.

Inception2818d ago

Agreed. Bajo: "The story is definitely dry", lol. Some new site who want's to be popular by given low to mediocre score for great franchise.

Silver_Faux2818d ago

its a Australian tv show mate. 1 of 2 Australian shows based on video games... i hope you have better video game shows where ur from cos unfortunately this is as good as it gets here :(

Inception2818d ago

Oh, it's a tv show? sorry, i thought this review from a video game site. And i feel sorry for you mate. My country (indonesia) had some tv shows for video game too. Some of them are good but a lot are crap :(

coryok2818d ago

one of my favorite games from so long ago, & still one of my favorites. i hope ngp is compatible with downloaded psp games!

Knushwood Butt2818d ago

I can't assign a number to this game, but I can say that it is superb.

Infernostew2818d ago

This is the 2nd botched review I've seen these guys give, 1st being Yakuza 4.

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