PC Format Reviewed: Crysis 2

Graphics debacle aside, Crysis 2 is a vivid and slick first person shooter that has been strangled by linearity.

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Raf1k12767d ago

Sounds great. Shame about the alien AI but I'm really looking forward to the DX11 patch for all the fancy effects.

Crytek have hit PC gamers a bit below the belt but it seems a lot of us are happy to buy it anyway. I'm still finding it hard to understand how they could leave out advanced graphical settings.

moe842767d ago

Perhaps they will be patched in?

Either way, the game looks really good as it is.

Syaz12767d ago

i haven't played the pc version. i hope they would add graphics setting together with the dx11 patch. most pc gamers have no problem understanding graphical terms to choose settings according to their preference.

BeastlyRig2766d ago

meh it a buy.. but bf3 will do!

moe842767d ago

The only thing I'm truly disappointed about, are the facial expressions when characters speak. They're just as awful as Crysis/Warhead.

So far, so good imo for the rest of the game.