Halo 3 Xbox Live Problems

Halo 3 matchmaking is going crazy, while playing some halo 3 with some friends on matchmaking we was trying to start the game and it wouldn't start because of this message saying cannot receive information from xbox live.

What is this? At the moment we are not sure why this is happening but stay tuned to find out more.

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Robeezy4496d ago

I had this problem for a little bit today, I restarted my box and it worked fine.

Jandre024496d ago

We made today a Halo day at my bros house. Halo and football. The redskins won so it was a good day for football, but not so much for Halo.

We spent 75% of the time getting "information from the server"

Complete bullshit. Cant wait for Haze to come out, then Ill hop back on to the ever reliable PSN.

Working matchmaking FTW! (leave warhawk out of this, lol.)

Gondee4496d ago

It works ir you just re-start ur box. You gota be somewhat reasonable, theres like a million people on line.

Jandre024496d ago

Even being a Sony fanboy, it does impress me how well Xbox Live (usually) handles all those people online while allowing messaging, voice chat, matchmaking, etc.

1,000,000 people all on at once all talking playing and messaging and keeping it working smoothly has got to be difficult. I just hope they can fix this problem soon though. I may end up losing interest soon because I hate getting hyped to woop ass only to sit around for hours baffled as to why I cant even begin looking for a game.

SKUD4496d ago

Im sure there will be a solution soon. This game is too important for them to ignore.

G_CodeMonkey4496d ago

This is 2007 and this is the premiere multiplayer title for 360. It is inexcusable that I can't go search for matches I want to play without having to create my own CUSTOM match and just invite friends. Again, BOO BUNGIE. Fix this!!!! gCM

Legionaire20054496d ago

This problem happen to me for a short period of time and now it works, but for how long until it happens again?

Klopek4496d ago

Yep. A pretty frequent problem for me. I hope it's sorted soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.