Joystiq Podcast Oct 7th

The podcast has been released soe things address in the show:

Robotronic Dynomite - Thanks to Hot Topic, we've been avoiding any two words in which the second one is "Dynamite" for fear that we'd run into a sad bastard wearing a "Vote For Pedro" T-shirt. But, we imagined that the coast was probably clear by now, and we were pleased with what we found. The host of this podcast describes himself as "freshly mustachioed," and it's hard to go wrong with that. The content's about what you'd expect, though the movie section is a nice touch. But it's all presented by a group of very likable guys, which, in the end, is the most important thing anyway, right?

Joystiq Podcast - Have you had the opportunity to see three grown men made to be complete fools on their own show in the middle of said show? If not, this is your opportunity, as the Bungie news rips reality asunder mid-cast. It's a powerful experience that, in the end, we hope will bring us closer together.

Downloadable Content: OK, yes, this particular episode of Penny Arcade's podcast is a couple of weeks old. Which, in internet terms, means it's a prime candidate for osteoporosis. But a new PA cast is so rare we wanted to make sure that you didn't miss out if you, like us, deleted Gabe and Tycho from your iTunes subscription, assuming that they wouldn't return after four months. Also, this entire episode is about boobs and pumpkin bars.

GFW Radio: It's after weeks like this that we need him most and, praise the maker, The Whiskey Nerd is back, and he's brought along the "Podcast Rap Intro Most Likely to Make Tipper Gore Drive Into An Oak Tree." Which is to say, it's awesome. But not for kids. (But still awesome.) [But not for kids. Really.]<But awesome.> Also, plenty of Orange Box and Crysis talk, if you're getting a little sick of Haloz.

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