Top 25 Shovelware for Achievement Whores

If you don't understand the worth of points that don't mean anything, you don't understand gaming.

AstroZombie14638d ago

I've played 2 of those although I don't count Lost as I'm a massive fan of the show anyway.

Kon4638d ago

1000g in less than 5 minutes. What a win.

cochise3134638d ago

How even plays this type of trash?

Brash_Attack4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

How is Avatar not the number 1? Everyone knows/ has done that one. And it is by far the easiest.

Wait, there's a game called Black College Football Xperience??

RBlaze4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

I still haven't played Avatar!

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10 Best Terminator Games of All Time

The Terminator's record at the box office might be somewhat spotty, but there's been a few enjoyable romps involving the iconic murderbot.

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Indo649d ago

i always love Terminator 3 Redemption for the in-game battle damage you receive when killing off other terminators. And Terminator Dawn of Fate was a 6/10 but was enjoyable enough to rent at Blockbuster.


Looking Back at the first Xbox exclusive JRPG - Enchanted Arms

Oliver writes: "If you can overlook its flaws, Enchanted Arms has a lot to offer; a light-hearted adventure caper with a fun battle system, some real challenge and depth, plenty of laughs and that comfy, JRPG atmosphere that felt like it went missing for quite some time during the Xbox 360 generation."

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autobotdan650d ago

It's backwards compatible on Xbox Series consoles


16 Underrated NES Games

There are tons of great games that have been overlooked in the mass of more popular titles. And I don’t just mean underrated games, either. We’re talking about grossly underrated and underappreciated titles in otherwise well-regarded franchises.

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deleted696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

FINALLY someone who acknowledges the greatness of Gremlins 2 NES!! One of my favorite movie tie-in games of all times. I have fond memories of both the game and the movie from when I was a kid. I was playing it again just a couple of months ago, and it still holds up very, very well!

I rarely see people mention Gremlins 2 when discussing great NES games and I love you for that!

*edit - Sunsoft really was a fantastic studio. Another favorite, underrated late NES game from them was Batman Return of the Joker. It was so much better than the SNES version too. Something about it died in the effort towards upgrading the graphics and music. The NES version felt darker, moodier.

Longie_long696d ago

Thanks for reading. Always nice to encounter another Sunsoft enthusiast!

deleted696d ago

Np, great read! I also owned and enjoyed the heck out of Super C back in the day.

I'd also add Metalstorm to my list of underappreciated titles. :)

thorstein696d ago

Nice job. After reading about Xexyx (or however it is spelled) I was reminded of Astyanax and Faxanadu. The names were just otherworldly. But they were tragically underrated as well.

Maybe you should consider a Part 2?

jznrpg696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

@thorstein Faxanadu is one of my favorite games of all time . I played it so much as a kid I still play from time to time

ZeekQuattro696d ago

Kabuki Quantum Fighters was a Nick Arcade classic. Never played it but the name has stuck with me to this day because of that show.

Longie_long696d ago

Nick Arcade was legit! I never saw that though.

ZeekQuattro696d ago

Not surprised. They usually kept playing the same popular games of the day in different rotations. Every now and then you got a random title like that one. I found the name so odd that it just stuck with me.

P_Bomb696d ago

With Sunsoft you knew you were getting good graphics and music,

Personal honorable mentions to Faxanadu and Crystalis.

racer22696d ago

I dont know if its been underrated, but kung fu master was such a awesome game on the nes. Even if it couldnt compare with the arcade version in graphics, the gameplay was so amasing. Awesome sound effects too. Played it for countless hours....

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