Call of Duty 4 - Dynamic Entities, Spawn Protection, & Customization

After playing the Call of Duty 4 Beta until their fingers bled, decided to bounce a few questions off of Infinity Ward's Associate Producer Pete Blumel.

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Spike474494d ago

I'm gonna buy call of duty 4 instead of UT3.

daomay4494d ago

buy both....both are great games

socomnick4494d ago

weak so we cant customize our characters like vegas. Thats a downgrade from vegas. My excitement for this game has been decreasing and decreasing since I played the beta.

Nostradavis4494d ago

Don't you kind of think it looks silly running around in neon camo? It takes you out of the experience ... kind of like a girl saying she has to go take a dump right before you go at it.

I am glad they are not doing this. It just adds to the realism, skinned weapons are enough for me.

Douchebaggery4494d ago

he likes playing dress up :)

socomnick4494d ago

hehe thats not me by the way but no I dint mean neon camo. But like in vegas how you unlock camo patterns and new equipment that was cool.
Even halo 3 lets you customize your online character.

The_Kills4494d ago

WHy would this be bad? ...if someone wants to expose themselves in the battlefield like that, then just let them. But to comepleteley remove the option and give this pathetic excuse is just a sign of lazyness.

Nostradavis4494d ago

I disagree with the lazy accusation. Infinity Ward is going about the production of this game the right way dedicating individual teams to each platform instead of porting it over from one to another. They are anything but lazy.

ArmrdChaos4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

The only class that really needs to worry about appearance is the sniper and they already have that covered as far as camo goes. If your taking the time to notice uniforms then your going to become a casualty.

"Heh...nice flak jacket...where did you get that?...BANG...bullet through the head...have a nice day."

Ward is spreading their efforts in the right directions. Anyone who is more concerned how good their corpse will look as the enemy steps over it shouldn't get this game...although the rest of us don't mind using you to pad our kill counts.

The beta kicked ass...the game will kick ass. I'm buying.

One of the only things that I would like is the ability to turn off the stupid ass kill camera in the server settings. To me it's a load of crap if you are trying to play the game as realistic as possible.

Nostradavis4494d ago

Post the comment on ripten's site about the kill cam thing...pretty sure they could find out about that too.

Other then that I agree with you, I think they are right on target. I couldn't stand seeing guys in bright lime green running around in Rainbow Six Vegas...

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