A Disaster Spares the Heart of Sony

Howard Stringer, Sony's chief executive, left Tokyo a week ago Thursday in a wheelchair. A slipped disk in his back required emergency surgery, and he was flying home to New York for the procedure. But he was calm — the electronics and media giant would run just fine on autopilot for a day or two.

As his jet landed the next day in the United States, he received a telephone call. Sony was not fine. Japan, where the company employs about 60,000 people, had suffered a deadly one-two punch, the biggest earthquake in memory and a tsunami to match.

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Dart892770d ago

Glad to see everyone helping japan recover we should be doing this instead of trying to nuke each other off the face of the earth.

Thesonygeniuses2770d ago

Another reminder is don't feel bad even if you donate $1 to japan ( We donated $25 dollars which was how much money we have made from the ads for the entire time we have been online). It is better to donate something than nothing at all. Gamers Unite for Gamers In JAPAN!