New EA Studio GM Says $60 Games Are a “Harsh Business Model”

In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Ben Cousins, general manager of EA’s free-to-play branch Easy Studios, spoke about Battlefield Play4Free and how it compares with the standard $60 retail game. Cousins, who has been working in the free-to-play space for four years now, has been involved in several free-to-play games, including Battlefield Heroes, Lord of Ultima, and Battleforge.

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Dart892819d ago

Why can't they just place them at $50 like ps2 games?

imvix2819d ago

Cause Sony and MS want their cut.

Though i dont understand why bump the PC prices to 60, no royalities there, and major business is DD. Selling a PC copy at 50usd @ DD is more profitable then selling a console copy at retail @ 60.

Active Reload2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I wouldn't mind paying $15 for nothing less than 3 hours of campaign gameplay. New Ips from 3rd party pubs/devs should be setting the trend for lower price games.

AAACE52819d ago

Games with single and multiplayer should cost $60, while games with singleplayer only should cost $40-$50 depending on content!

That's my opinion anyway!

Most single player games don't seem to give enough value to justify a $60 purchase, which is why single player games are suffering severely!

Games like Call of Duty sell more because gamers feel like they get their moneys worth by having a decent single player experience, a decent multiplayer experience, and usually some extra mode such as zombies.

That's probably not the best example considering a lot of people hate CoD games, but that's why the series sells so much. And until other games offer such content, it will continue to sell as much!

BeastlyRig2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

portal 2 on pc is $44 it makes less sense for digital download games to be $60!

MW is still $60 on steam..

We bought $60 games so companies will start selling them at that price becuz we buy!!

Agent-862819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

$60 games are especially hard on new IP's and AA games. I really think there needs to be a new $40 tier of games ($40 release price), so publishers and developers could take more risks. The game industry is leading to AAA titles being primarily sequels to established IP's. The $60 price tag really affects the sales of new IP's. Look at the weak sales of some new ones from 2010 and may not be seeing sequels: Blur, Split/Second, Vanquish, Singularity, and sure there were plenty of others. A new $40 tier of games would be more affordable and consumers would be more willing to buy and experiment with new IP's. Of course, MS and Sony would have take a cut on their royalty fees to make it feasible, so it would really be up to them.

imvix2819d ago

Well they can only charge what customers are willing to pay. If more games sell bad at 60usd they probably will consider options. Hence if you dont like the 60usd trend dont support it, wait out few months buy the game when its cheaper.

madpuppy2819d ago

90% of the games I buy I would rather wait till there is a price drop or a pre-release discount, like newegg had for Crysis 2 49.00 with free shipping. and I got Blur on release day for 20.00.
While I believe that some games warrant release day support (uncharted, god of war, battlefield)
alot are only worth 30 to 45.00 and I am willing to wait a while or try to get a discount.

sikbeta2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

They got all wrong, what's the point of selling games @ $60, when you can wait like a week for a price drop? make them $40 from day one until shelves are empty and they'll get the same amount of money approx :P

BeastlyRig2819d ago

$30 for pc download games then I agree!!

Titanz2819d ago

More content, higher price.

matey2819d ago

when the games cost 20 million to make id say its very fair and value 4 ur money

matey2819d ago

But they need to understand that £40 games on wii need to be the ones that have actually had high end development like MH3/Galaxy2 u get a few games that cost 6/8 million to make going 4 £40 try £30 max thats wrong nintendo need to watch these devs.

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