There are about 13 gameplay changes in MvC3 1.2 patch

Word came in this afternoon that about 13 gameplay changes were made to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 after the 1.2 patch. This does depend on how you categorize/count the updates, though, but this should keep the community hunting for a little while to track down what has been changed.

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BlueEye2765d ago

Checked how easily I could beat Sentinels ass, normal combo, air combo, two crossovers, OTG (Of the ground) and a lv3 hyper and he's done....that's easy as shit! Well depending on the characters.

truehunter2765d ago

I use chun Li to dance with Setinel. Tho its still 70% of beating him but all fun in game sence its off balance.

JohnnyMann4202765d ago


I say F*&K Sentinel anyways...

KonaBro2765d ago

want to see them buff Morrigan but that's just me.