Gamertag Radio - Episode #284 - Next Gen Console in 2013? Roundtable Discussion

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Next Gen Console in 2013? Roundtable Discussion
*Nintendo 3DS Launch event at Best Buy in NYC
*Peterocc Nintendo 3DS hands-on impressions
*Question: Are you planning to buy a Nintendo 3DS? Fans answers
*True or False
*Sega bring back Jet Set Radio!
*Homefront Review by Paustinj & Peterocc
*Feedback about last week's show

Custom soundtrack of the week: B.o.B. "New York New York" (soundtrack for the video game Crysis 2)

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Jocosta2818d ago

Nope, we have a long wait.

zeal0us2818d ago

Agree, Sony and M$ probably won't put a new console out anytime soon. Nintendo on the other hand might

2014/2015 would probably seem more reasonable 2013 still might be a little too early but if it is the new they release idc, bc I will probably just buy them anyway.