Giving Back to Japan: How Gamers Are Doing Their Part

Recent times have been trying for Japan, after the country suffered its worst earthquake in 100 hundred years, shocking the region at a frightening 9.0 Richter scale. While Japan and world powers are actively doing their part to restore the Nation’s confidence and stability, other communities in the world have been quietly contributing to this humanitarian cause as well.

One of these, the Gaming community, has turned into a real fraternity with its active efforts in gathering donations for injured Japan. Japan popularized household names like Mario, Sonic, Pac-man and many other memorable characters that gamers all over the world have come to associate their childhoods with.

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christian hour2766d ago

100 Hundred years? Wow thats like, 10,000 years! :P Good to hear how gamers are doing their part :D

rmedtx2766d ago

I made a little donation through the PSN. Please donate if you can.