Halo - What Should We Expect From 343?

With Bungie gone and a new dev on board, what can gamers expect from developer 343 Industries?

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Rikan2765d ago

Im not clear as to how much of Bungie's team stayed with 343, but I am leary as to how the next game will be Bungie does MP better than any other company in my humble opinion.

I believe Halo was Bungie's bread and butter. I'm not sure they can create an IP that will ever be as successful, but hope so as a gamer.

I like what I've seen from 343 so far, I for one shall give their first game a chance. Afterall, the framework is all there. Really, they just need new graphics and a good writer/.

Blaze9292765d ago

Yeah as if it wasn't clear what Bungie was doing with Reach. They basically built the tools and foundation for 343 and Microsoft to continue the Halo series on a good note. So like you said, all they need is a good writer and the occasional graphics update.

Everything else is pretty much already done for them.

gcolley2765d ago

they will still have their own ideas to bring to the party. some new and interesting ideas will be welcome as long as the core mechanic is there

vishant1012765d ago

a game that is fresh but halo at the same time

Ultraplayerxp2765d ago

The same Halo we all know and love. I really don't think 343 will disappoint.

Bear_Grylls2765d ago

How dear you say that.

Disagrees by default.


ThanatosDMC2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Halo is an MS IP.

I disagreed.

CoLD FiRE2765d ago

343 are owned by Microsoft.

Spitfire_Riggz2765d ago

I would like Gears of War before Halo but any of the two would be welcomed =)

Just_The_Truth2765d ago

wow with all the negative comments you'd think that exclusives mattered to Xbox fanboys.

Rikan2765d ago

Well if Halo were on Playstation, then there'd be an FPS worth playing on that console Im a PC gamer, but PS fans are just annoying.

Masterchef20072765d ago

The reason why PS3 fanboys dont really care about XBOX exclusives. Is that while they might miss one or 2 titles on the Box they have more than enough to make up for on the PS3.

Just_The_Truth2765d ago

@Masterchef2007- greatly agree
@Rikan- Halo was fun i personally really enjoyed the LAN play and MP on the first two but MS have driven the series into the ground imo plus bungie left so what does that say about there feeling toward the series not saying 343 won't do a great job but can we get some new games please?

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airhorn952765d ago

I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I believe we can expect a new game called Halo or something like it (their still working on the title) from 343 Industries you might have heard of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.