Uh Oh: PSP Slim Doesn't Play Nice With Some SDTV's?

An angry Kotakuite sends in this rather upsetting photo for those of you with standard definition TVs. If you are planning on picking up a new PSP Slim and want to play games on your SDTV, you may want to rethink your purchase, check the back of your TV or at least decide how badly you really want to play PSP Slim on it. According to the photo, the only way you can do this is to play connected with a D-terminal AV cable or component cables and the content must be output in progressive scan. UMD movies seem to work fine, but games are a no go unless your TV supports progressive scan.

Kotaku did a little research and according to the all knowing internet (which is generally about as reliable as a Magic 8 Ball), only about 20% of homes in the US have HDTVs so you'd think that these companies would try and cater a little more to the other 80%. Of course this opens up all kinds of conspiracy theories about the game companies helping to support the sales of HDTV's and vice-versa. Still, something tells that there are going to be quite a few angry PSP/SDTV owners out there. Why? Because they can be.

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nasim4033d ago

nothing comes close to TV connectivity experience of PSP.
I have never heard of anyone having problem with their TV

Marceles4033d ago

That must look ugly stretching a 480p res on a 71 inch HDTV.

mighty_douche4033d ago

fancy posting a picture of your '71inch' screen, or your psp for that matter?

Marceles4033d ago

Sony already said the component cables are for showing on TVs for 480p. I guess this guy thought it would be for up to 480p...including 480i.

Pacbell4033d ago

umm, who cares? It's all going HD sooner or later.

SacT0wnF1n3st4033d ago

Do you guys notice that the PSP has its own screen so you can what movies and playing games?

kidd9164033d ago

LOL ya. What is the point of buying a HANDHELD video game system and play it on a T.V.?

Nameless4033d ago

With the way Sony works it will be later

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The story is too old to be commented.