Resident Evil Revival Selection May Combine RE4 with Code: Veronica

Andriasang: I'm not sure where this stands on the rumor scale, but there are some reports that PS3 and Xbox 360 title Resident Evil Revival Selection combines Resident Evil 4 with Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

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Product2859d ago

Wonder if there are more details in the Famitsu or if we'll have to wait till Captivate 2011

MGS_fanatico_2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

This springs to mind..

The original vision for RE4

I'd love for it to be something like this! :)

Dart892859d ago

Why have i never seen that RE4 should have been like that when it launched.

Do you know why they decided to scrap it like that??

Lamarthedancer2859d ago

They said it was too Paranormal for Resident evil :(

Shame it looked really good aswell

MGS_fanatico_2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

This version had an otherworldly feel to it, and combined the old with the still unexplored (over-the-shoulder view) - I'm assuming it was a bit too supernatural, and Resident Evil is all about viruses. :)
Still, I would've liked it!

They scraped this version because they wanted to make something entirely new, simply change the genre to reinvent the series.

Now it seems they've gone back to this and I have no complaints...Yet! :)

Rob beat me to it! ;)

Urrakia342859d ago

Instead of scrapping the original version why didn't they just change up the story and characters and introduce it as a new IP?

8BitSoul2859d ago

There was actually 4 different versions of Resident Evil 4.

The first version was so drastically different from the series' roots, that they simply wrote out all the RE plot, and changed the name of the protagonist to Dante, and the game eventually became Devil May Cry.

The second version, commonly reffered to as "fog version", was around 40% complete when they decided to start over. The "fog version" would see Leon travel to Europe in search of Umbrella's secret HQ. The game did include Zombies, and at one point, Leon would get infected with the Progenitor virus, which would give him some supernatural powers.

The third version, shown in the YouTube link, was called "Hook-Man version" or Maboroshi no Biohazard 4 (Hallucination Biohazard 4). It dealt with paranormal activities, flashbacks and hallucinations, but was eventually scrapped, due to not being true to it's roots.
This was also the earliest known version to include the "over the shoulder view" style of aiming.

The fourth version included zombies again, but was eventually scrapped. Though a lot of the content from "hook-man version" and the fourth one, was carried over to the final version of Resident Evil 4.

It's a shame they threw this all away. I do like the new Resident Evil games, but I would be overjoyed if they did a new one in the traditional survival horror style, with zombies.

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htownrocket872859d ago

wow I never knew they created this before changing it for the current re4! even though i loved re4 for what it was, the gameplay and camera angles are what made the RE series so fun and scary. with that being said the code veronica remake is what i always have been waiting for.

2859d ago
wwm0nkey2859d ago

Code Veronica is all I need. Will take that RE4 though :)

wwm0nkey2859d ago

Im shocked RE4 was ported to pretty much everything lol

Seriously though Code Veronica and RE4 on the MT framework (RE5) would be amazing!

JusenkyoGuide2859d ago

pc - my pc is not good enough
ps2 - sold it before i got the chance to try it
gc-same thing
wii - same thing

wwm0nkey2859d ago

Well looks like you get your chance now :D

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