How Long Is the PLAYSTATION 3 Orange Box Delayed?

GameStop has released a new flyer on their website for Valve's upcoming The Orange Box. The flyer states that on October 9, 2007, The Orange Box will be released for the PC and Xbox 360. There is however no mention of the PLAYSTATION 3 version of the game. Even though it is delayed, it should have some mention in there.

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Bloodmask4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

It doesn't really matter. Because Valve has already stated that the "Source Engine" which this game runs on was running great on the 360 architecture. And Valve made both the PC "and" the 360 version.

They dumped off the "port" to EA. Valve has already stated that the PS3 version uses none of the SPU's. So this game will not be "optimized" for the PS3 architecture at all. And will most likely suffer from frame rate issues as most other "ports" to PS3 from EA do.

Just another example of 3rd parties not "fully" supporting the PS3 because of it's small install base where they will see the least amounts of profit.

Douche4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

The Orange Box is coming out in December for the PS3. And it's just stereotypcal that someone like you would make such speculations of how the game will be. Such flawed reasoning. It's really sad on your part. I hope you're conscious of that. Maybe then you can grow up.

Edit: Btw Bloodmask, I like how you took tid bits of information and spun it all around to match your explanation. For one, the Valve developer who mentioned that the PS3 was not using the SPUs said that in amazement. He said that the PS3 version is running the game without even needing to access the SPUs at this point. That is damn well impressive when you also know that Valve almost maxed out the Xbox 360's hardware in development. That same developer stated that they have pushed the 360 to about 93-94% of its potential while they are still unaware of how much power the PS3 has in itself to harness. But like I said before, it was unfortunately obvious to see a post like yours first to hit the comments section.

DJ4486d ago

"For the 360 version of the game, we can probably say we are using around 93-94% of the console’s power given our current optimization. With the PS3, we can’t exactly say what power cap we reached, since no developer really knows where the boundary is for the PS3."

Double-Edged4486d ago

If it's delayed for a long time.
I'm expecting prolly more maps.

jaaz4486d ago

What happened, couldn't find any more anti-PS3 articles for you to submit today so you are forced to make unfounded and unsupported assumptions about how HL2, etc. will play on the PS3? Must be a slow anti-PS3 news day...

Witty Comment4486d ago

You do know that that was "an anonymous developer", right?

You also know that "quote" was taken from a forum post, that was completely debunked by the entire intarwebs?

Douche4486d ago

That quote was from an on-the-phone interview between PSU and a developer from Valve. And it wasn't debunked. The article was removed from PSU because it was released unofficially on the site. I'm confused by how you missed that.

CyberSentinel4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

At least the DS3 version didn't drag us down with it, THIS TIME!

I'm sure in EA's hands it will be WELL TAKEN CARE OF.


kreetah4486d ago

Can you say Short Sighted?
How many 360's were sold on release day that dev's flocked to it? Must has been none if you go by this criteria.

Zhuk4486d ago

also it must be said that the PS3 is a poorly designed games machine that isnt optimized for easy game development like the Xbox 360 which means that it costs more to develop on the PS3 for less results which is why you see poor quality ports.

If we ever see the PS3 version of the Orange Box it will be inferior to the Xbox 360 version

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skynidas4486d ago

i've submitted some alternative sources to gamespot, gamestop and Ign and every site states that the orange box for the ps3 is going to be released on december 11

IRONMAN_X574486d ago


Double-Edged4486d ago

problem solved.. and you'll be saying..

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeedddd

mighty_douche4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

half-life is and will always be better on pc! sorry. im still gonna pick up a ps3 copy tho lol.

edit: no i mean the PC, 100fps at 1080p PC!!

Chris_GTR14486d ago

lol.... u mean half life is always better on pc/360

skynidas4486d ago

well ps3 owners have a lot of games to play while waiting for the orange box like haze, R&C, Assassins Credd, COD4, Rock Band, Uncharted, GT5 prologue, etc

The Dude4486d ago

It so nice not having to wait after a game is released. Orange Box this week. :) Jump In.