Will the new 40GB PS3 sell?

"The big catch now however, is this PS3 model is no longer backwards compatible with PS2 titles, not even at a software level. This means that gamers purchasing a 40GB PS3 will be reduced to a choice of (currently) 65 PS3 games."

"So will it sell? There will be those that wander into an electronics retailer and see the PS3 for what it is and lay down the cash."

"There will also still be a legion of PlayStation fans who have been waiting for this announcement. They have been looking at the Xbox 360 and the now extensive line-up of features, and more importantly the gaming titles, especially those available cross platforms. So far they have resisted, or have gone ahead and bought an Xbox 360, but still plan to purchase a PS3 when the price is right."

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Bloodmask4561d ago

at a lower price. But most likely not enough to catch 360 sales or Wii sales. Halo 3 alone has tripled 360 sales. No supposed AAA list game for PS3 has done that this year. As a matter of fact Halo 3 was the number one selling game last week "even in Japan."

This is basicly Sony's desperation move. To lower your hardwares price "twice" in one year is unheard of in video games history. If the PS3 was selling up to par why lower the price at all?

The funny thing is the PS3 will "still" be the most expensive console. And it still won't have any well known IPs to push consoles this year.

Overall both 360 and Wii have a huge advantage in both price and games catalogue...especially with Mario Galaxy and Brawl on the horizon.

BubblesDAVERAGE4561d ago

Sony never had a price drop this year..just a model better then the last so they up graded and set the old model at a better price....but your a xbox losers so you just want see the truth about how MS is in trouble without bungie to save them and the RROD issiue not being fixed and slow sales ever since the new systems came out unless you wanna count the US but plz thats about the same as it was last gen...

TheSMART4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

The 360 has a 1 year head start yet the PS3 has half of the 360's install base already.

This has happened despite:

High price point
Small software library
No Good adverstising and marketing
No system selling franchises released (MGS4, FFXII, Gran Turismo, etc.)
Negative media attention.
And competition from Wii and 360.

I like how you 360 fans call it desperation. Its called strategy. Its called listening to your fans and meeting their needs. Its called adjusting to meet your sales goals.

Why do you think the 360 has gotten a price cut and has all these value bundles planned for the holidays? Does that make them desperate also?
If the 360 was selling up to par why would they do these things?

Once the $399 PS3 hits it will not be the most expensive console. The Elite will be at $449 and will look like a waste of money since it does not include built in wireless or HD DVD playback and has a high chance at failing do to faulty hardware and no free online.

Why pay $100 more (xbox live + $50 more expensive) for an "elite" that has no Wireless or HD DVD?

No well known IPs? I see you have a one track mind and only think of North America. So to name just 1 from each location even though their are more.

Ratchet and Clank America
Gran Turismo Prologue Japan
Singstar PS3 Europe

You also forget about Blu-ray movies.

Lots of big releases for the holidays from

New Line this year

exclusively on Blu-ray

Lower Price
Plus Sony's New Marketing campaign
Decent Amount of Game titles
High Profile Blu-ray movie releases(Forgot about Peter Parker didn't you)

You'd be crazy to think the PS3 won't dominate starting with the release of the $399 40GB.

Thats just 2007. And everyone knows from Fanboys to Journalists to Analysts that 2008 is the year for the PS3.

nasim4561d ago

PS3 beats x360 10:1 in JAPAN per week and 3:1 all over EU except UK and AUSTRALIA (sales are neck and neck even at a high price point ).

In SPAIN,ITALY,BELIGIUM,MIDDLE EAST,REST OF ASIA ,NEW ZEALAND and LEXZEMBOURG + plus some other EU regions ps3 has already overtaken x360 in total sales.

in all over EU ps3 beats x360 3:1. halo had a small surge but that is now gone.

BY 2007 x360 will be fully dead. Wii would also be overtaken at the beginning of 2008

fury4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago ) always upload the same picture over and over again. This picture has nothing to do with the topic and yet you choose that picture. Seems to me like you want to provocate the people and initiate a new flamewar.
What grudge do you bear against Sony?

demolitionX4561d ago

i am beginning to believe that most 360 fans in this site are MS employees or paid to be here.
bloodmask u r a 360 fan. what on earth makes so concerned about PS3 will sell or not?? r u a market analyst, i wonder??

stunt2134561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

WTF??? Halo 3 was 3rd not 1st, FFVII: Crysis Core was first with 63, 000 and halo 3 had 59, 000 in Japan. By the way the sales of 360 only rise by 20% so i dont know where u get ur info of 360 sales being tripled maybe from an xbots site.

Apocwhen4561d ago

Damn Nasim, you're like a broken record the way you output the same trash in every comment.

The pricedrop has convinced me to get a PS3 because it has some upcoming games that I'd like to play, namely Haze, UT3 and Uncharted.

But pass me whatever you're smoking because with comments like "BY 2007 x360 will be fully dead. Wii would also be overtaken at the beginning of 2008" it must be giving one hell of a trip.
x360 has 11m - 12m install base already. something like that just doesn't die over 2 months. Infact with an install base like that I don't think it will die at all this generation. I've played many great games on the 360 even though I don't own one, I have no problem admitting it has some great titles that I enjoyed playing and I'm hoping my future PS3 will have the same. But if you seriously think the Wii will be overtaken at beginning of 2008 then lay off the crack. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Wii as the #1 gift this xmas due to its popularity. And tbh I couldn't care which is first or last, as long as console offers unique and fun games it's all I want at the end of the day.

n4gno4561d ago


you are just looking too the "street price" without adding bluray, wifi, cell, free onoline advantages : ps3 is clearly the best offer for the money.

m91058264561d ago

Halo didn't "triple 360 sales"... it tripled 360 sales for one week. You make it sound as if Halo sold 20mil 360s.

marionz4561d ago

i was keen on buying one at the new price, but after finding out i cant play older games on it i think ill pass

if you dont put much thought into it then yes it seems like a good deal, but with no game only one control and dumbed down features its still not worth it, i would rather pay the NZ price $1299.00 for the console RFOM motorstorm and two controls, its better value

i will buy a ps3 when the price comes down and sony offers a bundle with a game at least, if i add all the things i would need to the new cheap ps3 it would still cost as much as the current bundle

lonestarmt4560d ago

uhmm its not dumbed done. IT looses the extra card slots, two usb ports and BC, thats it. Still has blu-ray, still is the ps3. Gosh, some people can't ever be happy. Guys sony can still do system updates and fix it. This is a double stadard at its best. The 360 has terrible BC, not a single complaint anywhere. I swear to god this crap feast on sony got to stop. Sony had to cut cost somewhere and with so many people having ps2 already, they thought the best thing would be BC, which by the way they still can do if you get the 499 verision by the way. Gah Also they already have a bundle with motorstorm its 599 now and its going down to 499. so I don't know what you are talking about.

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fury4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

I asked some friends what they think about the price drop and for the most of the part they found it pretty amazing. Most of them will buy a PS3 soon this year. However, one of my friend said that the PS3 sucks even at this price point. I don't agree with him. I think the PS3 is a good deal for 399$.

CyberSentinel4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

"However, one of my friend said that the PS3 sucks even at this price point"

Smart friend, you should listen to him more often.

Funny how when MS wanted to discontinue BC, lemmings had allot to say about MS.

Now that the Sony is "removing ANOTHER promise", they don't mind at all.

@1.2: Sony also had OVER 10 years experience as the MARKET LEADER in this business. Not to mention 10 times the number of systems sold.

(depending on what figures you believe 200 million PS1&PS2 sold to 20 million original Xbox sales)

The numbers Sony sold on the PoS3 in comparison to THOSE figures are embarrassing and disgraceful. It's as simple as that.

@2.2: I will be the first to admit (WITH PRIDE) I'm a MS-360 fanboy.
I never denied that. As for "valid arguments", reread my post above to 1.2. Everything I said was true.

@1.3: Facts Lemming

Pray B3y0nd.

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

fury4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Well, if Sony Fanboys are blind Lemmings then XBots like you must be blind lemmings too. Could you tell me the difference between Sony Fanboys and XBots? I can tell you the difference: There is NONE. Both are blind and both act like retards. And you a no different. You could at least backup your statement that the PS3 sucks with some valid arguments, but no, you provided none, so you lost your credibility.

jcgamer4561d ago

and this is the first time I saw someone with 10 bubbles...nice...bubble for goin' for a record? lol

TheSMART4561d ago

Read all the comments that i've made so far on this site. The biggest thing about you 360 fans is that your constantly thinking about the Past and Presence. You can't comprehend the future. Your right Sony has over 10 years of experience so why are you so ignorant and naive to doubt them in the first 10 months of the PS3's life cycle? Its less then 10 months in Europe. Yes the PS3 has had a rocky start but we still have years to see who has the highest install base. Celebrating to early will make you look even more foolish in the end.

fury4561d ago

Perhaps someone is crazy and gave me lots of bubbles, who knows lol. Anyways, bubbles for you too ;P

m91058264561d ago

Ugh... the mere thought of being a fanboy for anything MS related makes me feel sick. When they can release a finished product on time some day, maybe I'll give them a chance. But until Windows comes out done, not 5-years-to-done, and they release a system that doesn't break on me, that's not going to happen.

nomad1174561d ago

There just mad we have better games coming out before christmas then them. lol xbox 360 has mass effect and ummmm mass eff.... no wait said that one already ummm mass... wait nope nothing just mass effect

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BubblesDAVERAGE4561d ago

There was only one system to have a new sku more then there old sku and it aint sony or nintendo....they upgraded the model and the price why ps3 upgraded the model and reduced the old model and gave u a new one..

drtysouf214561d ago

it won't only be first time PS3 purchasers. I know a lot of people who already own a PS3 and are planning on getting the 40GB as a second one. I myself will be getting a second one. I know 2 people that this will be their third.

This will also attract alot of people wanting Blu-ray and it will also drive down standalone blu-ray player prices so that other companies can remain competitive.

Whether the PS3 comes in 3rd for sales or not this holiday season it will still be successful right on into next year when the big guns come out.

VendettaWFT4561d ago

It's pretty much up to nobody in these forums whether the PS3 sells or not. It's up to the John Q. Public, and if they decide they want a PS3 than awesome, they just picked up a great piece of hardware. If they don't decide they want one and sell few this winter while Nintendo and MSFT sell a lot, then Sony really needs to do a 180 on the way they're running there gaming division, because obviously something isn't working....

Vicophine4561d ago

It's going to sell, if people are so put-off by the lack of backwards compatibility, install linux, and run emulators, or, play your PS2?..