WTG: Dragon Age 2 Review – Added Accessibility, but at What Cost?.

I feel the need to preface this review by writing about my love for Dragon Age Origins. I’ve played through it both on the PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360, and have almost all the achievements/trophies on each system. To me, it was one of the most engrossing RPGs I had ever played. I had Dragon Age 2 preordered from the moment it was announced, and I hoped that Bioware would put out another amazing game in this world they had created.

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gorebago2767d ago

it's like an interactive story with lite-rpg elements but still engaging all the same

NYC_Gamer2767d ago

the cost of me and many other fans not buying it.

Tex1172767d ago

Accessibility is one thing, but DA:2 (when compared to DA:O) lost its heart.

Its the re-used areas....thats in excusable for what is supposed to be "Immersive."

Besides, they didn't even do a great job giving the city life. I felt Midgar in FFVII was more immersive.

All that negativity though, there are moments of brilliance in the game. The writing and (since Im a console gamer) the combat are excellent.