Crysis 2 1st Day Discount and $10 Bonus - Cheapest Price Yet

Crysis 2 is out, and gamers are going crazy with this heavy weight title for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The game is currently listed at the cheapest price yet and an additional, nice $10 Bonus credit. Check this out.

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dirthurts2820d ago

Or you can go to Target and pick it up with a $10 Target card.
Nice for the inpatient like myself.

moodymofo2820d ago

best buy,in store and online has a sweet deal offerd when you buy crisis 2 .you get a $10 gift card and $20 off on a select game wich include bullet storm,need for speed hot pursut,fight night champions and dragon age 2.i called best buy today to confirm this and they did. this offer he told me runs until saturday so im gonna try to get there tomarrow to take advantage of this

MadMax2819d ago

Yea, but are they selling it for $53.99 like amazon? You can even select free super saver shipping and no tax! Get the $10 gift card too. Its very tempting right now. Im on the fence about Crysis 2, especially considering WWE Allstars is coming out next week!