Kojima writes open letter regarding Japan disaster

Nintendo Universe writes:

As the recovery efforts continue across Japan, Konami have today posted an open letter from creator of the renowned Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, regarding the disaster.

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Dart892793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Is there anything this guy can't do??

Edit:Out of curiosity how many people from this site have helped japan in anyway they can??

@below exactly we need more developers like him.

@Larvanian anything helps even if it's a little bit.

LarVanian2793d ago

I gave £10 through PSN. I wanted to give more but I couldn't since I went over my monthly spending limit.

HolyOrangeCows2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

"Edit:Out of curiosity how many people from this site have helped japan in anyway they can??"

I helped organize a drive with a large group of other people. We've raised about $200 in one day. And tomorrow will be day 2.

No Way2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I sent $30 to the Red Cross..

fatstarr2792d ago

I donated 60$ thru red cross and amazons help japan.

my university raised over 1000$ in one week and the 70 Japanese exchange students are helping us
to find out what else we can do.
last year my school raised about 10k for Hatti in 1 month. we are planning events and things everything goes to Japan.

noprin2792d ago

I gave £7 through psn,planing to give more as soon as I get money
on the topic: kojima always amaze me

Prototype2792d ago

I was only able to donate $5 through PSN :(

I'll try to donate more as time goes on

Biggest2792d ago

My friend's family was evacuated (he has to stay as he's in the Navy) and they're living with me free of charge. Does that count? ^^

Oh, and I bought that theme from PSN for $10.

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SeraphimBlade2793d ago

I spent my weekly entertainment budget on a red cross donation. I'm waiting to hear back on a summer job right now, and I'll definitely give more if that comes through.

labaronx2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

and last years flooding in Nashville, i've seen the goodness there is in people and plan to donate 10 over psn when i get paid, also sending in can goods at work... which helps as fear of food contamination grows

my thoughts are with the Japanese rightnow

Jocosta2793d ago

I donated $25, planning on sending more.

Nuclearwinter2793d ago

I gave 5 over PSN. Will be giving more when I get paid.

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GodsHand2792d ago

Same here I bought the $50 PSN Theme, the only thing that got me was why there is a tax for making a chartible contribution to a non-profit organization.

Axecution2792d ago


Its a glitch with PSN. The tax is automatically refunded back into your wallet. >.>

GodsHand2792d ago

@ Axecution

Thanks for the info, I guess I should my PSN wallet, I guess I can use that to rent a movie or something.

BlackTar1872792d ago

Protoype- It doesn't matter how much you donate its the fact you did. You should be proud of that not everyone has money to give to others and im sure if you donated 50000000 or 5 they would appreciate it all the same.

Good job.

bebojet2792d ago

First I donated $5 since that's all I can give at the time, now I will be donating $25 on PSN. I was actually planning on visiting Japan before this happened.

Umbrella Corp2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I started a fundraiser in my school so far we got $200 dollars that will be donated to the Red Cross of Japan.

Pacman3212792d ago

I gave £5 through PSN, i would of gave more but i haven't got that much money at the moment.
Have to give credit to Sony though, good to see them supporting Japan through the PS3.

Bordel_19002792d ago

I gave £20 through PSN. I'm planning on donating again in april.

artsaber2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

If everyone just gives what little they can, it will help. Do not be ashamed of small donations... they add up and give massive amounts of relief to those in need.

I encourage everyone to give, even if just a little is all you can do.

@ARIJayden below - Thank you for your contribution, it means a lot to those in need, people you don't even know and you are willing to give. Don't pay attention to naysayers, I hope that you are blessed in return for your giving.

@Dno (way below) - you can donate on PSN by finding the "Aid Japan" button. It has several preset dollar amounts where you can choose how much you want to give. I think you can give up to $50 in one transaction.

Nice letter from Kojima, you all should read it. It pleases me to see so many give unselfishly. I am in good company today here on N4G.

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creamsoda2793d ago

Poor Japan the footage of the tsunami was horrific so much destruction, hope it doesn't take too long too rebuild it all.

killcycle2792d ago

They can rebuild the lands.. but not the people who died.

2791d ago
jazzybaboon2793d ago ShowReplies(1)
dexterganpot2792d ago

I Donated £20 Through PSN, am happy to see playstation giving people an easy way to donate for japan, i really hpe they recover very soon, we should be getting together the whole world to look out for each other cause natural disasters are only going to get worse, so instead of wars with each other we should be helping each other out to keep the human race survive though the harseness of natural disasters.

anubis562792d ago

Damn, I feel sorry for that girl in your avatar I really do. Hey you...get your hands off her!

dexterganpot2787d ago

thats my wife your talking about, and i dont understand why u guys are disagreeing with what am saying, am a physician and study the world and natural disasters and what am saying is true. you guys must be too young to understand anything am saying.
and anubnis i feel sorry for you.. am happy married with my wife living happily whereas ur just a sad little boy commenting stupidness on the internet.

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