5 Reasons Why Playstation 3 Will Come In 3rd This Holiday

Bitbag writes "Sony has had a dismal start for it's black beast, the Playstation 3. There's nothing wrong with the system, the good games are starting to hit the shelves and Sony is doing it's best to get it in homes for a reasonable price. With all the good comes a heavier evil. The press has slammed the PS3 since it's launch for Blu-Ray inclusion, multiple SKU's and high price. The negative printing press hasn't run out of ink either. With the recent announcement that PS2 backward compatibility will be completely removed from the new 40gb SKU, fans are in an uproar. Shouldn't they be happy that it's finally come down to a reasonable $399 in it's first year?!"

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felidae4496d ago

first learn to spell Playstation right ... "Sony has had a dismal start for it’s black beast, the Playsation 3"


4496d ago
CyberSentinel4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Japan has at most 130 million people.

North America 500 million people

Europe 700 million people

Thats over 1 billion people on those 2 continents alone.
Both of which, Xbox 360 is the leading gaming console in sales.

The bottom line: We don't need Japan.

@2: More facts for you lemmings.


@1.7: "By the way 360 is already dead in Europe except for UK."
Where are YOUR figures to support this claim? America bought more "Wii's" then Japan did. FACT.

@1.6: Sales for the ps3 should get better at a $399(although STILL not announced for the US) price point (they can't get any worst, can they?) but even if they do increase MS will counter with price reductions and game bundles. Sony can't win that fight.

@1.1: provide a more accurate statistical website then a single commercial website that deals only in its SINGLE commerce.

Those numbers DO NOT reflect WORLDWIDE trade. In fact Amazon sells "Used" systems, in which case neither Sony or MS see a cent from said transaction.

Where does YOUR link mention anything about numbers?

Dude, you are so lame.

@1.9: He can edit, just like I am. I'm not going anywhere.
I have also replied to all his PMs.

@1.10: If you have a better INDEPENDENT source of info, please link it.
Otherwise shut up. Ty.

@1.11: I heard that song a year ago to the tune of... "Sony will sell on the strength of its BRAND NAME ALONE"... yatta, yatta, yatta.

Well look who's in LAST PLACE, <drum roll> you guessed it, SONY!

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

@1.1: No reply yet Nasim?? You had so much to say in PMs.

@1.1: Why do you keep posting french, spanish, and god knows what other language propaganda? Do you speak ANY of those languages? Do you live in those regions? Do you even have the ability to TRANSLATE any of those languages? Should I take YOUR WORD for it? As far as I know, those foreign articles could say anything. Don't give up lemming, keep looking, and don't forget, Sony Loves You.

Blind Lemmings, Believe What You Want, As The Band Keeps Playing On The Sony Titanic.

mighty_douche4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

LOL!!!! "The bottom line: We don't need Japan. " we? WE? whos all this 'WE' fanboys seem to use now, your probably sat in your pants in your mothers house playing computer games dude, your not a M$ exec!!

The Bottom Line: the amount of consoles sold isnt something to brag about, it makes no difference to us the GAMERS. 'yeah but... but developer support...' dont try and use that either, once both consoles are over 10 mil no developers are gonna want to ignore them.

edit @ KeMoBLUE... cheers mate, i just dont understand it?

KeMoBLUE4496d ago

THANK YOU!!! MIGHTY DOUCHE!!! so many idiot fanboys think they are microsoft or that they work for microsoft and they use words like "we don't need japan" WTF??? what do you mean "we" as if yo work for microsoft there is NO we it's just microsoft. geez. you guys need to hop off microsoft, sony and nintendo's d!cks

BLaZiN PRopHeT4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )


actually the us has around 305-310 million people. it just went over 300 million in april 07

Edit: my bad i thought you ment only the US. you know the place that the 360 sells the most. not all the other areas around it.


are you slow? the article about the ps3-360 being neck and neck makes the ps3 look bad had 55% of its sales in the first 4 weeks. sinces then its been outsold by the 360 and like the article says will continue to be outsold by the 360. lol

TheSMART4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

this is exactly what happened right before the US PS3 price cut for the 60GB an influx of negative news. Everyone wants to get their negative stories in before their are no more negative things to say. These gaming sites posting this negative news are now grasping at straws for negative things to report. Soon there will be nothing negative to say. The Price and Lack of games argument has almost completely been eroded which is why most of the sites are now jumping on the backwards compatibility issue. People who have no intention of buying the PS3 are the ones spewing all the negative news. They want the PS3 to fail so they say things hoping it will come to true. I feel sorry for these short sighted people who think this so called console war ends in December. Sorry to break it to you but we got a few years to go to see who has the highest installed base. You guys celebrate a premature victory. The 360 has won many battles and i give credit where credit is due. But you can win as many battles as you want but it the winner of the war that is the true victor. This war is far from over. The PS3 is only 10 months old and has half of the installed base of the 360 already while facing these obstacles:

High Price Point
2 competitors 360 & Wii
Small software library
No system selling franchises released i.e. FFXIII, MGS4 Gran Turismo
Negative Media Attention
Lack of Good marketing and advertising

So 360 fans have your fun now. Bash all you want post and report all your negative stories while you still can because when the PS3 starts to take over its going to feel that much better to us PlayStation fans.

Starting from behind and overtaking your competitors feels much better then dominating to begin with.

stunt2134496d ago

R u retarded? we dont need Japan? its that why wii already pass 360 because wii sold about 3 million units in Japan and 360 sold what 500, 000. Sure there is only about 130 million people in Japan, but most of them are gamers unlike North America. By the way 360 is already dead in Europe except for UK.

The Swordsman4496d ago

The band won't keep playing on the Microsoft Titanic. A third of them would have died for no appearant not far into the performance.

gerrard4496d ago

Since CyberSentinel was coward enough to talk crap to you knowing you cant reply heres a bubble for you mate.

m91058264496d ago


I have nothing to say otehr than I think it's cute when people use Wikipedia and VGCharts as "facts". Just to keep you in check, sure, we don't need Japan... unless of course you want to continue evolving technology and have games to play. Last time I checked they were kind of a global hub for taht kind of thing. And that's common sense, no need for wikipedia here.

Blasphemy4496d ago

Nasim I couldn't agree more. 360 is all but dead in Europe. It's over for MS once this new PS3 hits.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4496d ago

The World is not america only. There are places like Europe and Asia which X360 is quite dead.

Boldy4495d ago

I'm sorry, when did this turn into a, let's bash xbox 360, when the article is about the ps3 coming in third this holiday?

TheExecutive4496d ago

lol you act like its already happened...

Meus Renaissance4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

I honestly cannot foresee how any intelligent person who knows even the smallest things about this industry can conclude the PlayStation 3 will come last this holiday with the new pricing and bundles and upcoming games.

I myself am not sure but I know it will be close to its closest rival in the overall sales figure this fall. But I will Approve this to see the debate in what the rest think.

raub4496d ago

bubble for you, your comments are always free from slander and naysaying

TheSMART4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Bubble for you. This is why all the negative PS3 news doesn't bother me. I sit back and watch as all the anti PS3 people celebrate and rub things in our face. They comment on the PS3's past and its present state with absolutely no grasp of the future.

Its like the the whole 360 battalion have all gathered together and are celebrating all the victories that they've won and what they don't know is that the PS3 has launched a nuclear missile thats heading their way. It may take some time before it reaches them but the end result is the same. They win lots of the beginning battles but when the nuke hits its game over and the PS3 despite losing many battles all of sudden is the victor for the entire war.

jcgamer4496d ago

Meus is the man...I call him 'the voice of reason'...

and I agree Meus, way too early to tell...some of these guys, like bitbag, should seek jobs as psychics, I don't know...on second thought, that might not be a good thing!

dragonJP4496d ago

Meus, you have to be the most intelligent cat on this website, as well as someone actually NOT trying to set people on fire... I agree that the future is not set for the holidays, that's just common sense. With the Wii still in such high demand, the $399US PS3 hopefully being announced soon, and the new (w/Falcon?) 360 bundles upcoming, this holiday looks to be the biggest ever! Still, there are many questions, too many to declare who's in 1st, 2nd & 3rd place already in October. Can the new 360 bundles hold off the $399 PS3 without another price cut? Will the Wii ever be in abundant supply? Will Uncharted and Ratchet & Clark become blockbuster-selling killer-apps or the "greatest rental ever" like Heavenly Sword? See, lots of questions, to early to place anybody yet....

TheExecutive4496d ago

yeah it will be close! I cant understand why people think that the PS3 is so doomed and its the worst in the States. I dont know if it is just ignorance of the world around them, of the industry in general or even a little bit of nationalism, but its getting annoying. I guess the media likes to pick on the top dog.

blackmagic4496d ago

I agree, the only thing the price cut can do is help... even with the negative press surrounding the BC issue.

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Jandre024496d ago

We have a few NEW AAA tities coming out this winter, which will get advertised to death, the PS3 has an SKU thats actually CHEAPER than one of the Xbox SKU's, and the xbox didnt see a very impressive sales jump from Halo3.

I dont think negative press is enough to stop an explosion in PS3 sales and the XBOX doesnt seem to have an explosion left in it. Just my opinion though, but maybe this guy knows something I dont.

TheExodus4496d ago

360 sales have increased nearly 20 percent a week for the past 3 weeks in NA. Last week 360 outsold the Wii! Meanwhile, PS3 sales have been falling faster than a toddler down a well! PS3 isn't just going to come in 3rd this Christmas, it's going to be trampled to death by consumers in a mad rush for 360s & Wiis!