SPOnG: Crysis 2 Review

SPOnG:Crysis 2 is porn. It’s lots of fun at first, it’s wonderful to look at and it’s going to make a lot of people very happy. But by the half-way point I was bored of gasping at the visuals, yet I kept plugging away, feeling increasingly ashamed because I was playing even though I didn’t really want to. And, now it’s done, I want to have a little cry. There’s so much to like about it, yet it’s hollow and repetitive, and as much as I liked it, it’s left a sour taste my mouth.

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KingPin2855d ago

so its like porn, he just wish he could fast forward to the good bits :P

Ace_19752855d ago

Porn, once you get used to it, never the same. Boring and very "hard" to get excited by it.