November will be a great month for PC gaming - Release dates

The PC gaming industry works in cycles, and it will reach the beginning of a new cycle in November:

* Hellgate: London: October 31st/November 2nd
* Gears of War: November 7th/9th
* Crysis: November 16th/19th

In addition, Nvidia and AMD will release new hardware to coincide with those game releases.

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Torch5007d ago (Edited 5007d ago )

As I FINALLY bit the bullet and spec'd out my quad core, 8800 GTS system, due for arrival this coming week.

PC-gaming, I've missed you!

-Game-ready PC?...CHECK, CHECK!

Now, I can die.

Darkiewonder5007d ago

I have a computer that can run Crysis. [first time]


DeadlyFire5007d ago

Only 3 titles listed? You are excluding about 10 or so other games I believe. They are all popular games as well such as Call of Duty 4, Blacksite: Area 51, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Empire Earth III, Viva Pinata, Need 4 Speed: Pro Street, SimCity Societies, Unreal Tournament III, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. All coming out in November for the PC. How can they be excluded?

skynidas5007d ago

november will be better for consoles

Hatchetforce5007d ago

Even better is The Witcher at the end of October.

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