Visual Comparison: White Knight Story vs. The Last Remnant

With so many great role playing games coming out within the next year, PSU thought they might compare two of the most anticipated titles on PlayStation 3: White Knight Story and The Last Remnant (assuming Final Fantasy XIII isn't due out within the next year).

While details are still scarce, we can compare the visual styles and graphics of each title. The following images are not final product screenshots so keep in mind that things may change over the coming months.

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The Wood4493d ago

ill be getting both of em

Baba19064493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

im getting both too. look really fun

jackfatal4493d ago

so white night is on the same level of The Last Remnant!
i hope they make a decent story and game play to in white night story!

Fighter4493d ago

Hard to compare a PS3 exclusive like White Knight Story to a multi-platform game like The Last Remnant. Judging from those screens I will give the nod to White Knight Story since it's an exclusive and will use the full potential of the PS3 hardware unlike Last Remnants that will have to be developed somewhat equally to both 360 and PS3 hardware.

Last Remnants does look a bit jaggy compared to White Knight but those two games are still not fully completed so we must wait to judge them visually. Both games will be different so I might get them both.

Ludwig4493d ago

wtf?? both 360 and PS3 got games MUCH better looking then this two .. what the hell do you mean by "fully use the console potentital" ? ..

Fighter4492d ago

This story is about those two games. Don't go off topic, moron.

skynidas4493d ago

i dont like rpgs but ithink that white knight story looks and will play better

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The story is too old to be commented.