Top 10 Most Wanted Halo 4 Developers

Voodoo Extreme thinks that Bungie are sick of making Halo games. Where does that leave Microsoft? Who can the publisher hire to finish the fight?

10) Gearbox
Why? For starters, Gearbox made the insanely popular Halo: Combat Evolved PC port. Besides that, the company is bursting at the seams with talent. With multiple teams, and lots of Halo experience under its belt, Gearbox would be a great fit.

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cloudstrife4029d ago

Halo forget if it wasnt becoz of games like Golden Eye and Halo the FPS genre would be crap.

Its obvious it stole a lot of thing from that game. Just like any other future FPS.

(i never played gHalo it too short)

Bolts4028d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Golden Eye was an outdated piece of crap the minute it was released when compared to the PC shooters like Half Life that was around at the time. Halo doesn't owe Golden Eye anything.

If anything Halo and Bungie roots lay in PC shooters like Tribes and maybe a bit of Bungie's other shooter, ONI.

Timesplitter144028d ago

Goldeneye? Yes, absolutely. But Halo didn't do much for the FPS genre. If anything, it was only a nuisance for the genre by making it become casual.

ParaDise_LosT4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

the Halo series didn't do anything for FPS
I mean the only thing
halo did do is


yup thats definately 'nothing'

Xi4028d ago

recharging healthbars and the weapon system used in most games are all thanks to halo, let alone the match making system is now being used by cod and the likes. Yeah, halo did nothing /sarcasm.

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PimpHandHappy4028d ago

I didnt read this article but

I bet they didnt put Sony in that list...


Timesplitter144028d ago

Yeah............ which would kinda make sense since Halo is owned by MS......

Timesplitter144028d ago

Forget Valve and Epic. Epic wants to continue Unreal Tournament and they're really proud of their franchise (for very good reasons). Same thing for Valve and Half-Life. These guys make hardcore games, not casual cashcows.

SuicidalTendencies4028d ago

Do you honestly believe Valve or Epic wouldn't jump at the chance to make a game that sells 3 million copies in under 5 days? In the end, Bungie will still be making Halo. Even if they're tired of making Halo, it's not like the next one is coming out in 3 years. I could see Rare making the next one if it did. Even they couldn't screw up Halo.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4028d ago

Keep dreaming. Some developers in that list will never make Halo 4 they make real FPSs not Main stream bullcrap like Britney Spears.

sumfood4u4028d ago

Funny $hit to witness in the game field!

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The story is too old to be commented.