Halo 3 Killers

UGO offers you now a rundown of Halo 3's upcoming generic brethren along with some thoughts on exactly how and why these releases could threaten the Master Chief's dominance. UGO will try to revisit each of these after their release for a follow-up examination; for now, just be happy and look forward to one of the best holiday release seasons in a long time. Definitely the best since last year, at least.

Here is the list, see the article for the explanation:
* TimeShift - Halo 3 Threat Rating: 50%
* Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Halo 3 Threat Rating: 20%
* Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare - Halo 3 Threat Rating: 75%
* Haze - Halo 3 Threat Rating: 65%
* Unreal Tournament III - Halo 3 Threat Rating: 33%
* Crysis - Halo 3 Threat Rating: 20%
* The Orange Box - Halo 3 Threat Rating: 90%

ukilnme5829d ago

I am looking forward to playing every game on this list but how do you kill something that made $170 million on the first day?

mike_mgoblue5829d ago

Absolutely none of the games mentioned has a chance of achieving the level of success that Halo 3 has achieved.

Consider that many of the games listed exist in franchises that have already seen games released...and none of those previous games achieved the level of success that previous Halo games did.

For example, Unreal is a game series that has never sold well on consoles. Games like Unreal and Quake have always sold well on the PC...but there is no way either of those games is a threat to Halo 3.

The new Half-life game is going to be a good game, but it has gameplay that is too complex for the mass market.

Call of Duty 4 will be a huge success on the Xbox 360, because that is the version that will benefit most from the beta test, and because the Xbox 360 version has the best graphics. However, even though Call of Duty 2 was Game of the Year on the Xbox 360, it still didn't come close to the level of success that the Halo games had achieved.

And new game series like Haze will definitely not come close to being as successful as Halo.

When I was waiting for Halo 3 at midnight, there were hundreds of cars in the parking lot, and the security officers of the mall had to change the direction of the people standing in line several times because it was so long.

Bioshock is an incredible killer-app that receved a rating of 10 out of 10 from the majority of reviews, and it has sold about 2 million copies, which makes it a huge success. None of these games listed will be rated as high as Bioshock..but Bioshock is still very far from a "Halo-killer".

green_ghost55828d ago

COD4 will probably get a high score like bioshock, maybe even higher.

Texas GMR5828d ago

We all know there's no such thing as a "Halo killer".

funkysolo5828d ago

Most developer spend their money on creating a great nextgen game...Halo3 is a piece of crap. I'm not just saying this but I was hoping for a truely nextgen experiance when I played Halo3. Most xbots will put down any game that comes to PS3 without even playing it, they will just go by what some bias reveiw had to say. Most people want Halo to suck, but the truth is I wanted Halo3 to be good and even better than Halo1..I just can't beleave anyone that has played Halo3 can honestly say it's a good game...RFOM is 10 times better than Halo3 and trust me xbots get outside of the box and try RFOM and see for yourself what a real Nextgen FPS is really like. I play games and to me the best next gen game is still on 360 and that's Gears of War...Unlike xbots I can give credit were credit is due. The problem I have with 360 is that games don't seem to improve, like the PS3. Every exclusive on PS3 just seem way more advance than 360 exclusives. I know multiplatform games been slightly better on 360 but as we all know there won't be a difference for to long. Exclusives is what wins console wars and from what I can see PS3 exclusives dominates 360. 360 doesn't have one proven franchise coming in 2008.

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Hades13375829d ago

UT3 33%? Crysis 20%?? What are they thinking???

UT3 will probably better Halo 3 in multiplayer, while Crysis will probably better Halo 3 in single-player. And while I agree with most of the others, I seriously doubt that the Orange Box will mount a serious challenge. Sure, its a brilliant package but its basically a re-release of a 3-year old game with some extras that add around 4-5 hours gameplay time.

Crazyglues5829d ago

Crysis is going to be amazing, and I think it's more like a 75% halo killer, not to mention on a high end PC it's going to look Unreal.

and TimeShift 50% you can't be serious? I played the demo and that thing is weak.

DethWish5829d ago (Edited 5829d ago )

Uhh.. Team Fortress 2 is not a re-release, neither is Portal or Hl2 ep2

They all bring different experiences, which all 3 are awesome :P
TF2 > Halo3 in multiplayer

nurayi5829d ago

I agree about UT3 and Crysis, both should be much higher "threat" or whatnot. But even though I am a huge UT fan and will probably let that game suck the most time out of me, Crysis's multiplayer isn't anything to sneeze at. I've been playing some of the beta and the suit functions really bring a new level of tactics and strategy to an online fps experience.

But ya TF2 has been mia for 7 years, and is one of the best multiplayer experiences around.

otherwise this comparison is just some guy's opinion, and I doubt anything will beat halo in terms of sales this holiday. But none of this should matter to your normal person, its not like playing a game that you know has sold a ton makes it any better of a game.

Jinxstar5828d ago (Edited 5828d ago )

I think the reasoning is both those games will take either A. A BAD A$$ PC to play or B. a next gen console. UT3 has a high attach rate to PC gamers and not so much console... It makes sense but as far as quality of gaming and FPS... Cant beat Crysis. UT3 will be amazing too.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF5829d ago (Edited 5829d ago )

I would higher the threat of UT3 and Crysis WAY MORE. Forge is plain retarded compared to PC mods and stuff from example UT which you can make a whole map.
Also, Haze is made by ex-Rare members who did the best Console FPS to date.

DethWish5829d ago

You can make more than a map, with UT you can practically make your own game, that needs UT3 to run

nurayi5829d ago


Someone will recreate all the Goldeneye maps and weaps and voia la. next gen goldeneye. Plus for the first time Console gamers will be able to just grab the PC mod and "cook" it (as mark put it) then bam, unlimited new modes, weapons, anything someone is willing to transcribe to the UT3 engine.

tplarkin75828d ago

This article is really about the console market.

xhi45829d ago

serious? Okayy Unreal Tournament and Orange Box = Fullest, most complete experiences ever. Halo...okay what the hell. It was revolutionary for online multiplayer for consoles....but UT3.....okay that was and IS revolutionary multiplayer! The modding scene is MASSIVE. Its not about 'Halo' Killing....i doubt anything can 'kill' the hype surrounding Halo that Microsoft is so good at creating, ala. gears and halo. Although they are great games i don't understand why we must always have a 'halo killer'?

Simply....Orange Box and Valve and Epic/Unreal Tournament create the best multiplayer experience, as is evident on the pc, but now it's coming to consoles and the ps3 (unreal) and it gonna go OFFFF!!!!!!!

HateBoy5829d ago

If any game was gonna kill halo, shouldn't that game have come out already? Its more than alive, ITS ALIVE I TELL YOU!!