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ForzaGT2769d ago

30 in a year sounds good range of variety for people with 3D TV, at first i was quite worried about 3d support but this looks to draw me into getting a proper 3d for myself ; )

GiggMan2769d ago

I'm glad 3D content is becoming more abundant. It was slim picking for me personally when I first upgraded.

ajlopo2769d ago

for about 3 people to I kidd I kidd :)

zootang2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

If you was about to buy a TV today would you buy the one with 3D or the one without?


So you bought a TV without 3D? The thing is about Glasses, everyone in the room gets the same image. To a developer that is up most of importance. So we will be seeing glasses for a while. It's a shame you are now left out.

ajlopo2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

actually I did just buy a TV today, without 3D. Sony 55" LED...and I was joking above. Myself I would rather wait, don't like wearing glasses to play my games. ...or watch tv or movies

a08andan2769d ago

I am waiting for holographic 3D. That is gonna be truly awesome^^ But will probably invest in a 3D in a couple of years once its really cheap meanwhile :)

MintBerryCrunch2769d ago

that depends...i dont have 20/20 its pointless to spend all that money on a 3D TV when i wouldnt even get close to the effect that the TV would give me

i would buy what gives me best value, buying something with a feature that i cant enjoy would only make me sad knowing all i need is good vision in both eyes

Boon Tarkas2769d ago

I manage an electronic store and 90% of all next years tvs from the major manufacturers will be 3d. Hit a switch and your back to to 2d. Making a new investment, then I'd go with 3d as opposed to without.

zootang2769d ago

Well I'm all for 3D and improving the viewing quality with shutter glasses. If I was bothered about putting something on my body I wouldn't wear clothes.

kneon2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )


Actually one of the really cool things about the glasses is that everyone in the room doesn't have to see the same image. This means full screen local coop is possible. I think I read that Sony even have a patent on it.

@Boon Tarkas

It was only a matter of time but that's about a year earlier than I expected. The cost of adding 3D to a TV is minimal now that most TVs are 200Hz+. The cost is in the glasses and I expect those will likely be sold separately on low to mid range TVs.

GrandTheftZamboni2769d ago


I am waiting for holographic 3D, too. In the meantime I have no choice but to wear glasses. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good.

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dorron2769d ago

I'm about to buy a TV but I don't think 3D is such a big deal...even less when the technology is still at the very begining with glasses-free tvs just around the corner.

I don't think I'll buy a least right now.

Neko_Mega2769d ago

Smart move, I don't plan on getting one until I see what the new ones that don't need glasses are like.

I could have got a 85inch 3D TV but I don't want to buy the glasses.

GiggMan2769d ago

That is the way it is with all technology. I know a friend of mine who stills has a Nokia feature phone because he keeps hearing about the next big thing. Every time he goes to pull the trigger on buying a new phone he hears about some new phone releasing in the near future off of engadget or something.

It doesn't look like he will ever upgrade... lol

bananlol2769d ago

You will always get a crappy viewing angle with the technology we have today, thats just the way light behaves. Separating images just before they enter the eyes will always yield the best results.

Boon Tarkas2769d ago

Glasses free is about 4 years away for a tv that works with multiple people in the room.

Wh15ky2769d ago

Is that affordable aswell, do you think? Or is that when they will first hit the market?

I'll be getting a new TV either later this year or early next and I will be making sure it is 3D compatible. Not too bothered about the glasses and have always thought that the glasses free was a while off yet.

Neko_Mega2769d ago

Then you haven't been reading up on it then, Toshba is said to had a tv that does 3D without glasses at the end of this year.

Sony is pushing 3D and has plans to bring a 3D tv but might be in 2012.

Wh15ky2768d ago

@ Neko_Mega

I've heard and read about that too


Will these TVs provide as good an effect as 3D with glasses?

Will they be affordable?


Do they have a wide enough viewing angle?

dkgshiz2769d ago

The question is does the glassless tvs produce the same 3D effect? Or is it like the 3DS thats not even really 3D.

olLANDSHARKlo2769d ago

Let's worry about the online service and lag free gaming, not something no one cares about.

starcb262769d ago

Just because you don't care about it doesn't mean everybody else doesn't care.

2769d ago
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