Joker mocks up MGS5 case for pre-owned section

"Browsing through the pre-owned often throws up the odd surprise, but I must’ve missed that MGS5 release a while back. I decided to go with Assassin’s Creed 2 instead, the graphics looked better."

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dangert122767d ago

stop asking questions and be happy
look at the hand drawn box art its truely breathe taking like an mgs game should be ;) lol

Bounkass2767d ago

Bubbles! Funny.

Isn't it "stunning"? ;)

dangert122767d ago

I'm jealous and at the same time excited it looks like we will be able to use boomerangs as a weapon in MGS5 ^_^ I am so pumped for this :P lol

mac_sparrow2767d ago

Excellent use of a dying legends words. ;)

Corrwin2767d ago


Really? I thought this was a news aggregate site? Not "stupid shit I did whilst the manager wasn't watching"

iHEARTboobs2767d ago

I'm pretty sure the author is the guy that did it.

Quagmire2767d ago

Shameless self-promotion, it seems

White-Sharingan2767d ago

Hopefully one day, Konami was giving a survey asking if they would like Peace Walker on HD consoles

Grey Fox 922767d ago

Why the heck this piece of news has been approved?

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