New Dead Island Details: The class system, and how you'll meet that family from the trailer

FPS Tribe get a sneak peak at 20 minutes of Dead Island gameplay, plus talk to brand manager Vincent Kummer about the game's class system and open world | FPS Tribe

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Hanuman2857d ago

I had my doubts about the game when the (beautiful) trailer emerged and I thought it would be "just another" zombie game. In reality it's shaping up to be a very promising title. Too bad somehow the word Stunning! has made it's way into this article though. That word is becoming less reliable than the majority of comparisons flooding the net lately.

rob_gamestribe2857d ago

Just to clarify, when I said "the visuals are sharp (if not stunning)" I meant they WEREN'T stunning. Apologies if the sentence didn't make sense. I've now edited it to read "the visuals are sharp, not stunning."

jay22857d ago

Sounds good, I'm excited for this, I didn't 'Gell' with Dead Rising 2 for some reason, most the save system and how easiler you could die, but this sound much better.

DangerTick2857d ago

Dead Island? What game is this? I've seen a the boxart for a similar game but it's called Dead Sland and it has a levitating zombie on the box.