New Details: Microsoft, "Halo" maker Bungie split

Bungie president Harold Ryan announced that the studio will continue to develop games exclusively for Microsoft Xbox 360 and Windows for the foreseeable future. Although Bungie will be free to make games for other platforms such as Sony PS3 at some undisclosed time in the future, Ryan said his studio has no plans to do so.

The Settle Times has revealed new details of the circumstances that led up to the Bungie-Microsoft split:

Ryan said Bungie was "used to being able to look around the room and see Bungie people," and they "feel lost" inside of the much-bigger organization of Microsoft. "That desire to be independent is something that a significant number of the people on the team still felt lacking," said Ryan.

Tom Edwards, who worked for Microsoft on the first two "Halo" games, said the split had been inevitable since 2005. Edwards saw firsthand the friction between the two cultures. He recalled Bungie developers being resentful at Microsoft for having him assessing the studio's development.

Microsoft did not disclose the contractual terms with Bungie over the split, leaving analysts and observers to speculate. Even as they go separate ways, Microsoft will continue to invest in Bungie, collaborate on projects with Bungie, and publish games from Bungie.

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media734491d ago

Am sick to death of hearing about this crap, who cares. Bungie are the most over hyped developer out there, let them leave and fail, dont come back until you can deliver a true next gen title. Total cash in. poor very poor.

smturner684491d ago

I remember seeing a video of how the people of microsoft kept on Cliffy B and folks about the chainsaw. They just didn't want it to be in the demo for the E3 showing. They kept freaking out about it. Another guy did, however, give them some good criticism, it seemed. He said, that the gameplay(at the time) was like whack-a-mole. So, maybe having microsoft there to basically give the developers a different perspective is good. But, I can see it getting out of hand, like it seems to have happened in Bungie's case. Oh well, maybe Microsoft will learn from this. But I doubt it.


thats exactly what i was trying to say in my last post.

anyone who watched that vid will notice how M$ didn't want the chainsaw and all the blood and etc.

Now if all that had not been in gears would it have still had the same appeal that it has now, don't think so.

you can see how M$ does try to take a lot of the ceative side out of the developers.