Video Review: Crysis 2 - XG 24/7

@XG247: Shooter, Shooter, Shooter. Only a week a go was our drop on the Homefront Review and now its EA’s turn with Crysis 2. So, what’s it like huh?

The original Crysis was seen as a tech demo for PC hardware nuts, to say that your PC could run Crysis was quite an achievement at release. Now that the 2nd coming has hit consoles, its still as spectacular. With a singleplayer to last around the 10-12 hour mark, you’ll be getting by nicely with this one, especially with its deep online tagging alongside.

Say whattt? Watch it, here.

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bwazy2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Really... a NINE out of 10?

Yea, I'm gonna go over here for a bit >_>

iamgoatman2769d ago

What's so surprising about the number NINE? The game has received lots of NINES so far.

sam22362769d ago

Just ignore him, iamgoatman. He's just asspained because the Holy PS3 version of the game is shit.

bwazy2769d ago

Yes but I'm obviously not going to read them all. I picked one review, and thought it was faulty.

2769d ago