360 Accessories Rundown 2006

Microsoft has opened the German Games Convention with several new desktop PC peripherals announcements and additional details about Xbox 360 accessories announced earlier this year. Gamespot put together a list of all the accessories to get you up to date on the hardware Microsoft is planning to release through the end of 2006.

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kewlkat0075376d ago

I didn't think you can customize the 360 like that...While fanboys say its ugly but you have a choice of changing its appearence unlike some other consoles.

+1 for MS

Ken Kutaragi5376d ago

Hey, Barbie Ken here, The POS3 will be customizable my children. You will be able to switch the PS symbol 90degrees. When you turn the console vertical then turn the PS symbol like that. I think I did that with one of my older systems which I think you should buy while you wait...

omansteveo5376d ago

The faceplates are nice you can pre-order them at gamestop along with all the other accessories

kewlkat0075376d ago

If there is a company you can send in image to and they can add it to a faceplate customwise? What an awesome business that would be. Just like them "NIKE airforce 1's", Look at how popular they got..from just plain white.