Five reasons why the Bungie-Microsoft split is a smart move for Microsoft

ZDNet's veteran Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley (previously of brainstormed with colleague Larry Dignan and came up with five reasons why the Bungie spinoff is a good move on Microsoft's part.

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JokesOnYou4119d ago

many gamers enjoy what BUNGIE created with Halo franchise and Bungie themselves have stated they want to do more with the Halo franchise and new games within the Halo universe, they have been very very successful so far so why would micro or Bungie allow anyone else to mess with their cash cow? The fans of the franchise wouldn't want any other dev to do Halo, other dev's should continue to do their own thing, stick to their vision and hope their franchise can come close or surpass the success of the Halo franchise.= MORE great AAA new IP's, which is good for all gamers=


Gamespot-equals-EGM4119d ago

I love how after the fact, its all of the sudden a great idea. This is just a spin article from an Xbot. And also, she's butt ugly.

Sayai jin4119d ago

It's a good movae for both Companies. Bungie already stated they are already working on a Halo game (Halo Wars ?) aand that they woul make more in the future. What this ove basically did was that it allows Bungie to develop new IP's, but MS gets first refusal rights. So if they want to keep a game exclusive to MS they can. Bungie also stated that MS platforms will still be the priority system they build for. So it seems that Bungie has the opportunity to make another hit. Bungie games will still be produced by MS Game studios and any gameying games from MS. hWich probaly will not happen because Sony or Nintendo does not want to buy anything from MS. Also this save MS mega bucks, now they can go out and sign another mega hit dev. Which may be scary thought for some. Expect to here something before the holidays.

Quickstrike4119d ago

ya break box 3SH!TY - bungie = no more halo which = ppl throwing/taking their break box back 2 wal-mart

stonedog4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

made the original x-box; it was this game that made ppl want to get the X-box. MS was late to the party and Sony had a hammer lock on content providers. Therefore at the begining MS needed to purchase studios to get content. Given MS sucess with the 360 in terms of installed base and the willingness of third parties to produce games for the 360 MS is not as dependent on having to produce there own content. By contrast this is the path Sony seems to be walking now.

It seems a good move for MS to release Bungie and benefit from any future IP that it creates through its equity interest and new content for the 360. Further, MS owns the Halo IP which was sibstantially what they were buying when they purchased Bungie. It also seems logical that this will also cut costs for MS entertainment division.

Salvadore4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

MS will definitely have to rely on developing and acquiring games.

skynidas4119d ago

let other developers make HAlo