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Watch NowGamer play the first 15 minutes of Crysis 2 in glorious 720p

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skyward2769d ago

Anyone who says this game doesn't look astounding - on any format - needs their head examining...

hoops2769d ago

Just cruise these threads. Many are saying it out of fear.
You have sites reviewing the game saying it's one of or the best looking game on consoles. And it is scaring the HELL out of many on this site for the obvious reasons. LOL. I am actually finding this funny as hell at the insecurity of people. This is amazing entertainment. LOL Sorry it really is to see so many people screaming that "their" game looks better. LOL

The reality is when you take into account how massive this game is and levels, how it handles all these real time effects in this interactive environment with some level of destruction, with more freedom than most FPS games out right now, this is the best looking FPS game on consoles. And this is pissing off many and it's funny as hell

Bathyj2769d ago

Why dance around in riddles? Who are you talking about?

Are you talking about PS3 owners who dont want the game to look better than Killzone?

Are you talking about Xbox owners who dont want the PS3 version to look as good as the Xbox version?

Or are you talking about PC owners who think the whole franchise should have stayed on PC?

Me, I'm glad it looks great across the board. Everyone gets to play it, and I hope it has that same open feel that makes Farcry still one of my favourite shooters to this day.

I dont care if it looks better than Killzone.
I dont care if it looks slightly different on XB.
I dont care if PC gamers can play it at 5400p.

I just care when my eBay order is going to arrive.

Silly gameAr2769d ago

You're in every Crysis 2 topic saying the same thing. It's almost like you're trying to convince yourself. No one is "scared". What is there to be scared of?

What's really funny is you trying to convince other people to see it your way by spouting this bull. THAT'S what's funny as hell.

hoops2769d ago


Based on your history of posting, you fit the bill perfectly whom i am addressing this too. Now that is funny. Actually hilarious you would respond to prove my point. Enjoy. LOL

Silly gameAr2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Hey man, get your jollies anyway you can. I'm not knocking Crysis 2 in any way. I was worried because of the shady way Crytek acted towards the PS3 version, but I guess I was wrong to doubt them.

From what I can tell, they actually put some work into the console versions which is all any of us can ask for. What gets me is how you believe anyone should be scared over Crysis 2. For what exactly? Are games going to stop being made because Crysis 2 is out? In your mind you think this is some kind of win against PS3 fanboys when the game is on both damn consoles. You just want it to look better on your console of choice to prove your petty point.

starchild2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

hoops, you hit the nail on the head. The fanboys finally got me down to one bubble. Bravo! That way they can censor what you say and can continue to live in their own little fantasy world. It looks like they got you down to two bubbles. Lame.

Hey fanboys, even if you get rid of every PC and 360 gamer on this site it still wont change the truth. Reality doesn't change just because you censor people you don't agree with.

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Kon_Artist 2769d ago

just beat the game.


i love the mission where you have to go to the prism! its the funniest mission to do stealth in by far

Kon2769d ago

Can't wait to play it! Just one more day!

dkgshiz2769d ago

The first 15 minutes of the game are the worst part. Well the entire first hour to be more precise. After that it starts to get good.

Bathyj2769d ago

Does anyone watch these things?

I dont know why we'd want to spoil it when we're so close to actually playing it for ourselves.

The only reason I would watch it is if I was undecided and needed a little push to get it.

At the moment, I am not undecided.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2767d ago

if that's the worst part then the rest has got to be completely insane

therapist2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Crytek should demand that only 1080p PC footage of Extreme graphics mode be shown!!

-loveing the game, runs at a butter smooth 60 frames in sexy 1080p extreme.

For those who care, i hate doing this, but someone asked in the last post i made,

using an i-7 920
6gb ddr3
2 x 470's

This is a high-mid build, not extreme by any means,
i-7 cost me $180
ram was like 80 bucks
gpu's were $270 a pop (sli is unessasary honestly, one would have been fine, but i like wasting money:)

I use my desktop for work 10 of my 40 hours a week, i need a good proc and ram anyway, plus it serves as my media center, synced with my 360, streams all my music to my whole house audio, and I love playing old school games on it in 1080p , n64, ps2, super nintendo

(will be exchanging the 2 470's for free, for two 570's soon)
that's why I buy the cards with lifetime warranties, from brick and mortar stores

I might make a whole new build for fun:)

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2769d ago

i do declare that the music in this game is sweeeet

pr0digyZA2769d ago

Do you know who did the music, I heard a rumor that it was Zimmer.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2767d ago

yah I heard, it's true. I think he did a much better job in this then in modern warfare 2. But then again, I'm not sure how big of a part he played in that game.