Where's IGN's Crysis 2 PC Review?

We break down when you can expect it and what you need to know.

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kharma452857d ago

DX11 is already on the disc though, Crytek's patch to 'enable' it now becomes even more of a joke

Nolando2857d ago

well i doubt they are gonna charge to patch the PC version with these features. So maybe there was another reason they left it disabled for now.

TheIneffableBob2857d ago

Those are the DirectX SDK files. They're Microsoft files, not Crytek files.

offdawall2857d ago

they dont have one and their not going to . All they walt to say is crysis 360 version is better then ps3 version , they could care less about pc ... their just fanboys

trounbyfire2857d ago

uh..its IGN...yeeeeaaaahhh....

embargo maybe, crytek told everyone to do 360 version first because thats going to be the lead sells systems for C2

Arnagrim2857d ago

They need time to come up with an excuse as to how they think the 360 version is better than the PC version.
"Game was so gorgeous on PC I had trouble concentrating on what was going on because the scenery was so nice, minus 3 points"

josephayal2857d ago

(copy) IGN REVIEW CRYSIS 2: 10/10 and looks better than KZ3