CVG - Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 is as close to an interactive disaster movie as we've ever come. Ever found yourself hankering after Cloverfield: The Game? Look no further.

The best looking FPS ever
Fantastic, free-form combat
Spectacular set-pieces
Intelligent choice of approaches to each battle
Promising multiplayer

An awkward opening
Often uninvolving narrative

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ultimate-remag2820d ago

It’s clear that, in terms of graphics and performance, Crytek has had some issues balancing Crysis 2 atop of the Xbox 360’s six year-old hardware – and the key word there is definitely balancing. There are places where Crysis 2 looks nothing short of phenomenal. There are others where it verges on unacceptable.

another reviewer said this....


in their much soo obvious juvenile reviewing and fanboyish ways

the only two sites claiming the graphics are out of this world yet im reading about pop up and texture issues, whats even more amusing is not only has the A.I got issues the story is uninspiring yet it can be overlooked as this isnt an exclusive, yet the only gripe both these sites had with kz3 was the story and ohhhh what a deal breaker it was,it ruined the game ruined the experience and got deducted points for it etc...

both of these sites are just terrible

Active Reload2820d ago

The only thing better than Crysis 2 is...Lady Flower...

gorebago2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

@utimate - I could have sworn you copied and pasted this exact comment from another link you posted on - lol. Like a politician. No substance just repetetive catch phrases to drown out the opposition and manipulate the easily manipulated (ala "death panels" andd the tea party dumbasses).

If I'm wrong, my bad.

Wizziokid2820d ago

but what version looks best, 360 or PS3? I want to know if Crytek where telling the truth.

tatotiburon2820d ago

crytek said that it was a solid version, not that wich version is best.

The ps3 version is solid but xbox 360 version is better

btk2820d ago

PC >> PS3 >= XB360

For the crowd who like to spin the colors issue...
Which one looks closer to the PC version? PS3 or XB360.

Only way the XB360 fans can spin it is to pretend that XB360 is the only one that looks "right"