DailyJoypad - Review: Crysis 2

Back in 2007, Crytek released a game that really set the bar for visuals for its time and is still stunning, even today. But that came at a cost. You needed a something reminiscent of a supercomputer to run it. But now its sequel, Crysis 2, has made the leap to consoles, but how does the tactical future shooter hold up against its PC cousin? When you consider the likes of Killzone 3, Bulletstorm and Homefront that have all been released in the past month or so, there’s certainly no shortage of console FPSs at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Crysis 2 a look…

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NewMonday2769d ago

Was turned off by the multiplayer demo, but it seems the campaign is a blast, the best and longest campaign for an FPS in a long time from what I read. So i give Crytek props for that.

Crytek big mouth also turned me off, they kept talking about the wrong things, if they showcased the big action packed single player instead of appealing to COD or Halo players, and alienating every fanbase out there, thy could have hade positive momentum from gamers.

2769d ago