Solution for Xbox 360 HD-DVD Issues With Knocked Up

If you grabbed a copy of Knocked Up on HD-DVD and are having troubles with the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player and getting this disc to even load, you're not the only one. Loot Ninja spent a good bit of time tonight trying to get this disc to play. They finally found a solution for anyone with similar issues.

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Kokoro4494d ago

send a rebate of some sort. Well there always is one when you buy a dvd now a days

DJ4494d ago

I'd shoot my console if I had to go through all that to watch a damn movie. Microsoft QA, anyone? =/

cuco334494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

You know, cuz MS is the only one with QA issues. :rollseyes:

Just to note, last week Fox publicly blamed Samsung and LG for some of their new releases (i.e. 1st releases since april) having issues playing on some Samsung and LG standalone BD players.

Sayai jin4494d ago

Hmmm. You relaize that the HD DVD player and the HD DVD movie was not made MS, right. Anytime people here something is broke or blah blah, it has to be MS. MS does not own an of the technology for HD DVD.

cr33ping_death4494d ago

i know im not having this trouble when i see "SUPERBAD" on blue ray later this year.... :)

Nameless4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

I guess Sony Droids have to be reminded about the POTC & The Fifth Element Blu-Ray issues. Stop acting like Sony is perfect. You stupid hypocrite idiots. With just about every problem Microsoft ends up facing "Sony has already done it". So you Sony Droids shut the hell up. Stop acting like Fony has never had any Blu-Ray trouble.

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