Virtual Girls: Why they are in such high demand?

There are probably dozens of would-be psychologists out there right now delving into why so many men choose female counterparts. But in many cases, there might not be a great truth hidden in an idea of self-image projected onto an avatar.

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synce4491d ago

I didn't read the article but let me tell you my reason: if I'm going to stare at something for hours on end, it better have a pair of tits.

MK_Red4491d ago

Well, I did choose female characters in 3 games: Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate 2 and Arcanium. One of the reasons was in Fallout, female characters had much different options and play methods (Specially Fallout 2) and thus I wanted to try different things in other RPGs but none were as perfect Fallout (Though Arcanium came close).

The BS Police4491d ago

Because most gamers are guys.

Ludwig4491d ago

Some game developers have this stupid idea that the lead character always reflects the target audience .. (So, a game with a 9yo girl as lead is target to 9yo girls .. even if it has terror in it.) .. or it's ideal form.

No, most of us only want characters that suit the story .. @[email protected] .. pleasing on the eyes somehow.

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The story is too old to be commented.